AMBER......After trying yet ANOTHER canned veterinary food (eukanuba high calorie) and she would not TOUCH it, she has finally eaten an entire regularly scheduled meal. AAAHHHHH what a relief.

SHILO..... the steroid shot and antibiotic must be helping because the discharge on his lips is not returning. (the vet said it was not from drooling, but more from the gums bleeding ) He is eating well, loves his canned food/water combo and I have been adding hs dry food back into the mix as well. He even LOOKS better (his fur had become so disheveled)

CHIP and DALE...... no more signs of diarrhea. Eating well, playing like crazy. all is well.

ME..... exhausted. this time of year is murder at work. kind of makes you HATE Christmas. But still ready to go back to Petsmart this Sunday again to be Santa's (Charlie) helper for the cat rescue.

So all in all, everything is looking up