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Thread: My Sweet Himalayan, Tiffany, Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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    My Sweet Himalayan, Tiffany, Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

    After attributing a slight rattle to allergy for months since she had no fever, the vet decided to take x-rays. To my horror, only about one tenth (if that much) of her lungs looked normal. The rest were cloudy.

    I am devastated. I had them run a catscan, bronchial wash, blood tests, and an ultrasound. Cancer was confirmed.

    Her breath rate is rapid. She had a cortisone shot yesterday and I have been giving her Aminophyline.

    I have an appt for her with an oncologist tomorrow. All the test results were sent over.

    With Tiffany being 12 years, 3 months old, I wonder if chemo would even be advisable, especially with the extent of the cancer?
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