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Thread: My Sweet Himalayan, Tiffany, Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

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    My Sweet Himalayan, Tiffany, Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

    After attributing a slight rattle to allergy for months since she had no fever, the vet decided to take x-rays. To my horror, only about one tenth (if that much) of her lungs looked normal. The rest were cloudy.

    I am devastated. I had them run a catscan, bronchial wash, blood tests, and an ultrasound. Cancer was confirmed.

    Her breath rate is rapid. She had a cortisone shot yesterday and I have been giving her Aminophyline.

    I have an appt for her with an oncologist tomorrow. All the test results were sent over.

    With Tiffany being 12 years, 3 months old, I wonder if chemo would even be advisable, especially with the extent of the cancer?
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    First, welcome to PT. Second, how so very sad to read about your Tiffany. The decision you have to make is not an easy one. In April, we found out our Ralph Syracuse(nearly 14)had intestinal lymphoma. We decided to forgo the chemo, knowing that Ralph would not like going to the vet's several times a week for the chemo and the blood work, etc... Instead, Ralph received prednisone until the day he died(6/15/06). You will make the BEST decision for Tiffany. She has been your dear friend for many years, and she knows you will care for her the best way you can. Prayers for Tiffany and (((((hugs))))))) for you. This is the hard part of your journey together...Sandra
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    Welcome to PT
    I would say that with extent of cancer and her age that chemo would be very hard on Tiffany. Listen to what the
    oncologist has to say and make the best decision that is right of you and Tiffany.

    It's a very scary situtation to have an aniamal so sick. Our gang of four will keep good thoughts and prayers for you and Tiffany.
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    Welcome to PT. I'm so sorry to hear about Tiffany. You need to think about her quality of life and go from there. I'm sure that the oncologist will also inform you more about her situation. Good luck and I'll continue to keep Tiffany in my thoughts and prayers.
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    I appreciate all of your warm, supportive thoughts and the prayers. I wish a miracle would take place, but I doubt this would be high on God's list.

    Today, Tiffany has been playful at times, "helping" me wrap Christmas presents, and playing with a brown paper bag.

    This has really been hard. She is the first Himalayan I have ever had, and that breed is so loving and sweet (if they are all like her.) I have had her since she was 6 weeks old and she's my baby.

    Here are some pics of my sweetheart.

    at 6 weeks old...asleep on my mother's lap...

    Just lounging...

    Watching TV from her favorite chair...

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    She is beautiful, and I have known some very, very sweet Himmies.

    I'd ask the vet about quality of life and what kind of benefits chemo would have. It will not be an easy decision, but as you love her (oh what a soft cloud of spun-sugar love she is, I just know it!) I am sure you will make the right choice, whatever the vet says.

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    We saw the oncologist today. She reiterated that Tiffany's condition is terminal.

    She talked about chemotherapy, 5 treatments. When I asked her about how much beyond her life expectancy to expect with treatment, she said 2 weeks to 2 months. She said it would not cure her, but possibly would buy her a little more time.

    I dont know if she needs to go through that. This is tough.

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    I have heard that chemo is not as hard on cats as it is on humans. But I don't know that for a fact, some other folks here would. You might also ask your vet what she would do if it was her cat.

    Craftlady, who posts here, has had remarkable results with Reiki. It can't hurt, if you know a good practicioner.

    HUGS - I love that baby pic of her! She is a gorgeous girl.

    I know whatever you do will be from love.
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    Tiffany is just beautiful! I am so sorry that you have had to come to this very difficult place with her. I would have a tough time putting her through the chemo with such short-term results. Whatever you decide in your heart is what is best!

    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    My Sweet Himalayan, Tiffany, Diagnosed with Cancer

    First of all = Welcome to Pet Talk & enjoy the talks & pictures..
    Second I am so sorry about you wittle one Tiffany.. She is so adorable..
    Hope all turns out good & Tiffany will be all better soon.. Keep us posted..

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    I have decided to not put her through the chemo. I hope I don't regret it in the future. I know there will be "what ifs" no matter the decision.

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