Sugar finally arrived at her new fur-ever home late yesterday. She is 9 years old, 12 pounds, I adopted her through Small Paws Rescue.

Saturday was a very frustrating day; American Airlines LOST her for over an hour, and finally located her in Chicago! She flew "Priority Parcel," in cargo. American has a tracking system, you follow the dog's flight via an air bill number. Problem: no one manually entered any data into the system, so it automatically said she was on board her first flight which was on time (it was over an hour late), made her connection (she missed that plane), then arrived here at Providence airport. After following the data all morning, we headed to the airport to pick her up at 12:15 PM. No dog, no kennel, nothing, on that plane! OMG! Now the hollering started; yes, I was a reall pest, not that it seemed to matter. AND I called the rescue group so they could start the ball rolling at their end as well. TWO people were on the phones from Rescue. American finally found her in Chicago. At that point, it was below 20 degrees F and no pets were permitted to fly. More frustration; not flying at the colder temps is for the pets benefit, but who was going to care for her? Anyway, she FINALLY landed in Providence at 7 PM. Whew!

There were 5 dogs on that plane, the other 4 were puppies, "Christmas presents," bought on line at "puppy find," one from Oklahoma, 3 from Missouri. Puppy mill pups. Sigh.

After over 12 hours in her crate, hse was clean and dry, and happy to hear her name and get out and wiggle and shake. (The puppies were very "ripe," and needed baths.) She is a lapdog, hasn't left me except for Dad's lap for an hour. She shows NO interest in the cats, although they are making it clear they aren't too sure about this new arrival.

I don't have a digital camera, so pictures will have to wait. Here are 3 pics her foster mom sent me 2 days before Sugar flew in, so I would "recognise" her, ha ha. Sugar flew in wearing her red sweater. Although it looks like one eye is partially closed, that is just the way her fur was , her eyes are wide open. Her cataracts are quite visible. I will explore that issue when I take her in for a wellness checkup, but I don't plan to rush into anything with her yet.