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Thread: Pictures from The Lake

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    Pictures from The Lake

    Here's one of my fav's i took of Simba while at the lake...

    To see the rest go to: Simba at Tarpon Lake

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    Great pics :] Looks like a great place where sim had lots of fun roaming around

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    Wonderful pics KayAnn, Simba looks as handsome as ever!

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    Great pics KayAnn!! I didn't pay attention before that you were at Tarpon lake...I've actually been there twice!!! In fact, the second time, when we rented Jet Ski's there I think I left my driver's didn't see it did you? (J/K it was about 3 years ago! )

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    Simba looks great!

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    Simba, you are so cool! Lovely pics! It surely looks wonderful there.

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