Whenever I bring my three to the dog park, Skye and Romeo tend to 'gang up' on Zoie. Especially if there isn't much going on, and I throw a ball or something for Zoie, they will run after her and especially Romeo will knock into her and grab her ears, tail, feet, etc. It isn't really playing or wrestling. Skye isn't as mouthy, and just barks obnoxiously at her, and I can usually call her away, but Romeo just won't stop until I put a leash on him. Otherwise when I call him he'll come right to me. They don't do this at home, or at my moms house where there's a larger yard... . It's getting really bad, and though Zoie has never gotten into a scuffle with any dog, she gets really ticked off and tries to tell them to back off, but they don't. They don't do that to any other dogs.

I'm getting Romeo neutered, I think next week. Hopefully that will help a bit.

Any help appreciated!