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Thread: May be getting a return...

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    May be getting a return...

    There is a male from Jake's litter with Annie that may be getting returned tomorrow. He's a working dog, he's used to work the livestock, and he did some tracking earlier in his life.

    He's 4 years old, neutered, groenendael. Jake and Annie's litter was the best tempered litter Marla has ever had, so it's likely that he will be quite a nice dog. He is Visa's nephew, and he's Stormy's littermate -- some of you might remember Stormy -- he's a very high drive boy who competes in agility and obedience.

    I would love for him to find a Pet Talk home...So if anyone is thinking about bringing a big furry black dog into their home, please let me know.

    Attached are some pics of littermate, Stormy..
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    If he wasn't a male, I'd say yes in an instant. What a beautiful dog! I hope you'll be able to find a suitable home for him relatively soon.

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    I agree- I cant take on another adult male. I could only do a puppy so the pup knows his place behind Hottie and Zubin. ..
    For what it is worth, I had two Belgiums- and they were fabulous dogs. Easy to train and just beautiful with very few health problems in the breed if anyone wants my opinion of this wonderful breed.
    I am sure you will find a wonderful home thats for sure!

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    Thanks guys! He will likely be coming back this weekend. The owner is heartbroken, cries every time she talks about it, but she can't risk him getting off the property because she lives in farm country and a big wolf-looking dog could easily get shot. She's worried he will kill the neighbor's chickens.

    His name is Jasper and he's raw-fed. He was actually returned once before, when he was three months, because he was "sick" -- the owner had given him a parvo shot, he had a reaction, and developed parvo -- he was the one who gave Visa and her littermates parvo.

    Because he was so avid in tracking and still remembers all his training, it's likely he will end up in a Search & Rescue home. Solo's father's breeder is VERY active in SAR (Visa's litter brother is her SAR dog), and she can probably find a good SAR home for him, or even keep him for it, herself.
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    Goodluck with Jasper, he sounds like a sweety .

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    he is such a cutie! i hope he finds a home.
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