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Thread: PICTURES! with our free stuff from petsmart!

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    PICTURES! with our free stuff from petsmart!

    well I took Electra as the fish to petsmart tonight, we had so much fun, everyone LOVED it and kept asking for pictures lol the contest is judged by photos after so I dont kow the results yet but they liked the costume so much they gave us a bunch of extra free stuff lol such as a frisbee, and they gave me a bunch of banadas so all my dogs could have one, and a haloween tag that was only supposed to be for the people that paid for the photos but they said we could have one lol so here are so pics of my grils wearing their banadas..(and staring at the frisbee)

    and here are a few pics I took yesterday

    Mom to:
    Misty-10 year old BC Happy-12 year old BC Electra-6 year old Toller Rusty- 9 year old JRT X Gem and Gypsy- 10 month ACD X's Toivo-8 year old pearl 'Tiel Marley- 3 year old whiteface Cinnamon pearl 'Tiel Jenny- the rescue bunny Peepers the Dwarf Hotot Miami- T. Marcianus

    "sister" to:

    Perky-13 year old mix Ripley-11 year old mix

    and the Prairie Clan Gerbils

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    Thats awesome, I loved her costume too! Cute Pictures!

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    Aww such cutie pies!! They look like they're enjoying those lovely bandanas

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    That's cool. I hope you win. Keep us posted. Any chance we can see more of those fish pictures? I think that costume is the coolest.
    I love Fenway, JoJo, Olivia and Nonnie!

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    Yes, Electra's fish costume was the best, I bet she was the center of attention . Awesome pics, they're all so cute.

    [Irish Setter]

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    Yeah, Electra! That costume was awfully cute - I hope you win! That's really nice they gave you all those goodies. That third picture of the three of them is terrific!

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    That's awesome! I hope Electra wins - she must've had the most adorable, unique costume there! I loved the pictures too, as usual. Electra has one of the sweetest (and most inquisitive) Toller faces I've ever seen.

    Journey - 2yr old Australian Shepherd
    Ripley - 5 1/2yr old Doberman
    Dance RN CGN FM - 7 1/2yr old Toller

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