It is so weird. Presley is my shadow, She follows me everywhere. I don't get to her the sounds of her paws on the carpet and the tick tick tick noise on her nails on the tile floor. I vacummed and while i was i snickered to myself because this is the first time in a long time i havn't had this big dog barking and growling at the vacumm (thought it would be safe to do this while she wasn't here as the next few days i'm sure will be hard on her and less noise the better!). I didn't have a dog begging for a chunk of my bagel this morning or a piece of banana. It is so quiet in the house. The cats are looking for her. When we got home last night and Presley wasn't with us they were both just sitting there looking at us and wandering around all lost. Even our old cat Pewter slept in Presley's crate and she acts like she hates Presley!!! I find it amazing how she fits into our family and how her being gone not even a day has left us all feeling a bit lost. Never mind that i'm going crazy with worry as they have not called yet!!!! I give them a hour and then i'll call.
Has anyone else ever noticed how much different things are without your sweet pups around?
geeze i can't wait to pick her up!!!