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Thread: Hi!!! Im new here

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    Hi!!! Im new here

    My nickname is ck and that stands for my first and last initials. C =Chris K=Kau***. I go by the name weirdo27 on here though. I copied my introduction from another forum atleast about myself ill post about the animals below. Anywyaz Im 19 right now june 10th 1987.
    I lean more on th liberal side but i have very conservative views as well. LIke for instance i think it should still be ok for parents to beat the living shit out of there kids if they dont listen.. I use to have a mouth dad washed it out with soap when i was 9 i haven't cursed since. Well i have but i know how to control myself. I love life though and i get really depressed when i look at nature and think that some day im just not gonna be around to enjoy it but than i make myself feel good again when i think atleast i wont know that im not enjoying it if that makes sense.

    In real life im short im only 5'2 5'3. I live in minnesota, minneapolis suburbs. I dont live in minneapolis but i live in a city around it. I still live with my parents at 19 as i attend a community college.

    I have very strong views on energy convervation. I dont believe energy should be wasted and it bugs me when people make useless car trips. That also means using less plastic bags and all that stuff. I guess i think consumerism has gotten way out of hand in america. Also im an environmentalist.. I will pick up garbage if i see it laying around when i walk to my car and stuff. I also am a clean freak in a way but not really. I wash my hands befoe i eat and after. Also when i use the restroom. I make sure im not dirty.

    Ok so right now in the house i live in we have 2 dogs, and 3 cats. The oldest dog is a lab and she is 9 which i just posted about her. The younger dog is about 7 and her name is Ally. The older dog is Scarlett. Ive known the older dog my entire childhood or as far as i can remember back and i know she is heading into the last years of her life and i cant imagine what its gonna be like when she is gone. I have 3 cats. 2 cats came from the same litter. One cat was an abandoned cat that was locked up in a room for the first stage of its life. Ill tell you about the oldest cat. His name is dazzy. He is a normal full size cat that is gray with black stripes. This cat is different than other cats though, this cat hates everything and everyone. You can see its disguist when it even sees you. So we dont socialize with the cat much cause it wont allow us too. We still keep him around though. The two kittys are both orange cats. Now these 2 kittens are about a year old. Now they came from a litter that was inter bred so they are still midgets at 1 year old and aren't growing anymore. We just found out that the 3 other cats from the litter have died. So thats the situation we think our kittens might die also. So anywayz kayla is the one cat that is the most loving sweetest cat you will ever meet. She is always willing to sleep on you even though that gets annoying. She never leaves my side or anyone elses. She is obsessed with food though and cant stay out of the garbage and stuff. Kayla is the cat though that vomits all the time its usually about once a day but she has gone about 2 weeks without vomiting which is good. Oh yeah kayla may be pregnant we are unsure yet. Now the other cats name is Nemo. She is a normal cat except for being small. She doesn't hate humans but she tends to avoid them unless she wants to play or wants food. Nemo had a litter of 5 cats and we have to get them fixed if kayla turns out to be pregnant. We dont have the money to get them fixed but we might not have a choice if they are gonig to get pregnant over and over. Oh yeah the male cat dazzy is fixed so he is not the oine getting out 2 kittens pregnant.

    Anywyaz i started becoming active on these forums afer reading through the post and i really like the community. I also like to start threads on my personal issues not to draw attention even though it seeems like it or make people feel bad for me. I like seeing other peoples opinions and stuff on things. So hopefully you guys wont mind me.

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    Welcome to PT.
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    Welcome to PT Weirdo!!!
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    Hi there! Welcome to Pet Talk. It's full of learning experiences and lots of fun on the way. But BEWARE it's very addicting! My name is Makayla and I was addicted to this excellent second home the second I joined. I have 19 beautiful pets and that rather own me. Welcome again and I hope to see you around often!

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    Welcome to Pet talk
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    Ello,welcome to PT.

    Any photos of your pets perhaps?

    Well, I own 8 birds 3 fish and a bunny.Yes im a birdoholic.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk

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    Thanks all for the replies and i will get pictures of the pets eventually... When i do get pictures of the pets im gonna submit them for pet of the day cause all of my pets are special which everyones pet is.

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    Welcome- My husbands family is that part of Minnesota too ( I think...) lol.. anyway- welcome. This is an addictive site.

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    to Pet Talk !!

    My name is Lut, and I am owned by 4 cats, a bunny and lots of fishes in our pond


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