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Thread: Any one else had the same?

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    Any one else had the same?

    I am planning on seeing my doctor asap but it wont be til next week because they dont open at the weekends..

    Since 3 days ago I've had this bad back, its like if i move in a certain way something pops out and in again, its not like a muscle clicking its kind of hard to describe Its getting worse especially today where its happened alot more than before i guess it could be describe as a kind of mini spasm if that makes any sense?

    I work at a groomers so I stand up all day and just working on the grooming tables using my arms makes it happen when I move in certain ways, I'm going to say tomorrow that Im not lifting up anything bigger than a westie size but even today I've been only lifting up small light dogs.

    I've got a heated muscle wrap that can be used for 15 minutes a time but after about an 30mins its back to hurting again and to make it worse I can use any deep heat muscle rub because Im HIGHLY allergic to all of them ( I learnt the hard way! ) and I cant take Iburophen because im allergic to that too

    Sorry to go on, so any suggestions will be highly appreciated!


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    Sounds like you need the right back brace, but a trip to the doctor is in order. Can you use Alleve? Or plain aspirin if you're allergic to ibuprofin - it's worth a shot.

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    Thanks Karen, I've had Asprin before when I was was coming out of shock and It made me sick Im not sure if it was because of the shock or because of an allergy but I was told its likely it was an reaction if Im allergic to Iburophen and apparently its common to be sensitive to both if you cant take one of them, sorry if I confused anyone, I'll defiantly see the doctor asap, I need to be in work tomorrow and I dont finish til 4 and the shops close around 5 I'll have to see if I can take a longer lunch break or leave earlier, I defiantly need to get paid tomorrow or I cant buy nothing!


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