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Thread: fibrosarcoma in cats...2nd update!

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    fibrosarcoma in cats...2nd update!

    Last week I felt a large, hard lump by my cat's back/hip area near his tail. I took him to the vet over the weekend and she ran a series of tests including blood work, a chest x-ray and a needle aspiration. Both the blood work and the chest x-ray came back fine. No problems. I am still waiting on the results for the needle aspiration but the vet thinks it might possibly be fibrosarcoma or even hardened scar tissue of some sort. She can't really tell until she gets the results from this last test but she doesn't sound very optimistic because this lump is so hard and not soft like other lumps or bumps. She said if it is fibrosarcoma she will have to call in a specialist to have this tumor removed which can be very costly, possibly over $1,000. I would do anything I possibly can to save my baby's life but I am wondering from a financial standpoint how much can surgery and treatment run? I've spent over $400 already with this last visit. I guess I want to get a better idea financially what I need to save so I am prepared.

    I have been crying so much already. I just can't imagine my cat being sick. He does not act sick at all nor does he demonstrate the usual signs of an ill cat. He is using the liter box w/o any problems, eats and drinks just fine, and is playful. His coat is in excellent condition too, even the vet remarked how silky it was to the touch. If he had fibrosarcoma wouldn't there be some indication of it in the blood work?

    Anyway, I'm wondering does anyone here have any experience with fibrosarcoma? What should I expect? Everthing I have read so far has been pretty dismal.
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