At 3:30 I was walking down the street with the dogs and in an unlabeled van, with no back side windows (only drivers window and adjacent), there is a black and white Husky inside.

Only one window is open, and only couple inches at that. It's a pretty warm day out, I almost didn't want to drive to the store because our vehicle was too hot.

I wrote a note and left it on the windshield.

Now, an hour later at 4:30, I looked down the street and the van is still there. The dog is now just sitting there, panting. He was anxious before.

I wrote down the lisence plate and type of vehicle and called Animal Services. I asked the man who answered if there was anything they could do and he said "No. Not at all." and hung up.... That's BOGUS!!!!!

I'm sick of this city. They do NOTHING to help out.

On several occassions, I've found stray dogs and whenever I call Animal Services or the Humane Society they tell me to re-release them on the street if I can't keep them because they can't come get them.

I feel like going down the street and breaking the window on the van to get that Husky out of there.