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Thread: Telling us he needs to go outside

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    Telling us he needs to go outside

    Our 3.5 month old lab has learned to go and stand by the back door when he needs to go outside. The problem comes when no one notices that he's there (he doesn't make a sound) and then he'll go and squat somewhere in the house. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to tell us in a different way? I know a lot of dogs will come and stare at you. Is that learned behavior?

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    At 3.5 months you should probably just take him out several times a day anyway. Our golden retriever/samoyed whines by the door. He started doing that when he was 7 months. Maybe your's will do that too, but i'm not promising anything. Sorry i couldn't give you more help.

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    We have jingle bells on our door handle, Lou Lou already knew to use them when we got her at 4 1/2 month. That is what her first owner taught her. Now our 6 year old dog does it too!

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    I've read about teaching a dog to "touch" (a target) and teaching touching a string of bells to go out. The reason we haven't done it is that our older dog wants to go out - a lot - for other reasons to (eg to chase deer or squirrils that have wandered through the yard) and I'm afraid we'd become a noisy, jingly household if we provide bells. On the other hand we're having the same problem with our puppy, where he mostly goes outside but doesn't know how to ask. We potty him at least every 3 or 4 hours except at night (he goes through the night - yay!) but he's still having rare accidents.

    How do you get them to limit their jingling to potty breaks?

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    Lou Lou did ring the bell alot for about a month. But most of the time I could tell if she really needed to go outside or if she justed wanted to go outside. We told her to go lay down or told her no.( I know that that could confuse some dogs though, so I am not sure what to tell you) She only rings it now when she needs to go potty.

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    Our Bloodhound mix, at 4 months learned to scratch the door, to let us know, now at 1 1/2yrs old he still oes this, bu because it is a glass door, mostly he does this because he sees something he wants to chase. Now if he has to realy go out and potty he comes over and licks my arm! He has learned this all on his own, not sure how to go about and teach this.

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