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    Honestly, I have never seen a hamster in a hot air balloon before, LOL! How cute!! When I was young, I had a hamster that always escaped from his cage. He baffled us, as there weren't any telltale signs as to how he was getting out... Until I once caught him in the act. He was actually squeezing through the bars! Unbelievable! We got him a plexiglass place after that. Anyway, congrats on being POTD!

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    If that isn't the cutest picture!!! Minniehamm, you are quite the little adventurer aren't you, what with your hot air ballooning and "great escapes!" Just don't wander too far away, cutie! Yes, you sure do look like a little black bear, Minnihamm! What a handsome and most precious little hammie boy you are! Your human has every reason to be so very proud of her/his best buddy! I hope you're enjoying a super fun filled Pet of the Day bash Minniehamm, treated to all your fave treats and being showered with love! Congrats to our most deserving, most daring, most darling honoree, MINNIEHAMM!!!

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    Minni, what a picuture! That is just too cute, you flying high in that hot air balloon!!! I can just imagine how much fun your family must have with you. Congratulations on being Pet of the Day!

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    Oh what a cute adorable hamster. His sweet face really put a smile and a giggle in me this morning. What fun you are having. Congrats on being POTD Marigold2

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    Minnihamm what an adorable little adventurer you are!!!

    Got to be the first hammie in a hot air balloon I've ever seen!!!

    What a great picture of you! It sure made me grin!!!

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Minnihamms mom

    Hi! I am Minnihamms mom, I came across this forum by accident!
    I was really happy to see you had made her pet of the day! Sorry I did not see it back when it was posted.
    I entered the photo in a contest and somehow it ended up here
    Minnihamm was 2 weeks old when I got her, her real mom died and a pet store was desperate to get rid of the litter. She was the runt, she fit into a teaspoon.
    She was an impulse buy, we just happened by a pet store one day and we just happened to have an empty cage at home. Not that she spent much time in it LOL!
    She came into my life after our unborn baby had died and I was in pretty much shape emotionally.
    She brought me out of my shell I think.
    She survived a bad case of wet tail and lived for 8 months after being diagnosed with cancer.
    I have had every rodent imaginable and many hamsters but none were like her. She was different. She attached herself to me very early on and stayed by my side always. She sat on my shoulder under my hair as I walked around, She often sat in the same chair with me running all over me while I read or watched TV. She slept when I slept and was awake when I was awake.
    Yes she was exhausting but I loved her.
    She barked when she wanted out of her cage, it sounded kind of like a parrot imitating a small dog? She snored really loudly when she slept too.
    I could go on and on about her, she was one of those special animals and we had a unique connection.
    She lived for 3 years, and she died in 2007.
    I still miss her terribly and I have never been able to get another hamster.
    It was heart touching to come across her online 6 years after she died so thanks for that.
    It gave me a big smile!!


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