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  • Very popular names that have been used by many.

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  • Common names that have been used by some.

    13 20.63%
  • Unique, but realistic, names

    47 74.60%
  • Outlandishly original names.

    10 15.87%
  • I like to re-use names I have used in the past.

    1 1.59%
  • I do NOT like to reuse names.

    30 47.62%
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Thread: Names for your pets.

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    I like common easy to say names or different easy to say names
    I love names that end in a y.
    I never reuse names.It just doesn't seem right IMO
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    Unique names that don't confuse everybody in how they should be said or used (well, I slaughtered the pronunciation of Nuria but I don't care) I tend to like names of Spanish origin, I think because of Niño and his history.
    I will NEVER re-use a name. I might name a child Layla, (my first dalmatian, motivated me to want to breed propper dals) or name a registered name kind of similar but I won't name them the same thing. I have Dizzy as a call name picked out and my horse's name was I'm A Player, so a horse name I have in mind is Dizzy Player. (I know )

    Niño & Eliza

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    I don't like to reuse names even though I might name someone after someone else, y'know.

    I thought Isis was somewhat sparse but it's not really that uncommon. I've met and heard of quite a few Isis'. BUT, it fits her! She is just like her namesake.

    The pronounciation of Soni is common but it was just THERE in my head, as if it had always been. It fits because he was the sunny day I needed when my Tier passed away.

    Chocky (Chocolate) is named after Vermontcats RB gerbil Chocolate. Bijou and Rota were names that I had picked out for my then to-be dog. I got two gerbilly girls and the names fit. I think they're semi-uncommon.

    Spanky went through a slew of names and none of them clicked. We went through Molly, Maisy, Sasha, Gypsy, etc. I finally decided on Spunky (even though that didn't click, really, and I wasn't too fond of it). Then, Dionne suggested Spanky and I went with it!

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    i don't have a favorite kind of name for a pet. just whatever fits the animal.
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    Unique, but realistic names. I don't like outlandishly original names because you have to keep repeating them over and over for others to understand

    I like names with meaning. Giselle, for example, has a very beautiful meaning behind her name and I hold it very sacred to me. While Giselle isn't that unique of a name for humans, you certainly don't hear it everyday on dogs!

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    My dog is named Bailey - which is pretty common. My cats are Amadeus, Sebastian and Augustus.


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    I voted common names used by some. My cat Storm already had his name and I liked it so I kept it even though it's fairly common. I named my orange cat Sunny even before I adopted him and it worked out perfectly because it really fits his personality and coloring.
    I also used to have a Pepper and I never realised just how common this name was. When Pepper passed on, I had Storm and Sunny left so I decided to try to stick with a weather theme and this is how I ended up with the names Sky and Starr. Pearl and Ziggy Stardust were already named and I loved their names so I kept them.
    I don't think that I'd ever reuse a name because each new pet deserves a new name and their own identity.
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    Depends on the cat

    Although I tend to go for creative, literary names. Then again I have only been owned by 2 cats, both fortunate to have been featured COTD stars, My sweet RB prince Nicky's "official' name was Dominick, because as a tuxie he looked a bit like a Dominican friar and also a dominatrix (male version if such a thing exists.) My current master Dorian Grey is a classic silver gray tabby. But the name is too "official" so I call him Dorry, Dorry-boy, Dorry-doodle, whatever. It is amusing when we go for his vet check and they say "you can bring Dorian Gray in now" and half the waiting room looks up, at least those with an English Lit degree.

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    I try to have my cats' names fit the individual cats. No particular rhyme or reason. It changes as I mature.
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    All throughout my life, my pets have had the "popular" names. Snow, Lucky, Angel, Sally etc. In my opinion, I love the unique, exotic names. If it was up to me, all my animals would have some crazy name, haha! Unfortunately, I was never alone with naming my pets. All my pets came from shelters so they were previously named, except for our guinea pigs; my sister chose their names. When we first got Lucky, I really wanted to name him after one of the Greek Gods. I really liked Apollo, but my sister approve of that. So Lucky it was!

    RIP Sally

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    I like to give my pets a name that suits their personality and gives them an identity, just like humans.

    My first cat - Sam - was a big manly cat (with a sweet soul) - he grew into his name beautifully. Our second cat cat - August - had an old soul and was a true gentlemen, even as a kitten; he suited his name well. Our third cat - Roxy - was a pretty maine coon and very flirtatious - Foxy Roxy suited her well. Our little kitty girl - Eve - was named before we knew her and I love her name - very feminine (as she is) and elegant.
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    Unique and realistic- that's the idea. Of course if you have an Aby than it must be borderline to outlandish extravagant But I would never name them Artaxerxes or so
    And I feel you cannot repeat names as they belong to a different personality. In the 18th century it was not unusual to give a kid the name of an older brother or sister who had died- but we would feel different about that now I think.

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    I have no idea in which category Luna and Lily would fit. When I adopted my girls, I thought their names were more or less unique; and Luna has been my favourite name many years before, so I guess that decision had been made long before she was born. And it's been the same with Lily. Meanwhile, however, both their names have become really popular.

    As for renaming: No, I wouldn't do that, they all deserve their own identity.

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    Growing up we had several kitties over the years named Dusty. But they always had a number with it. I think we got up to Dusty #5. We had two Shadow's too.

    I like unique names. Taz was unique when I used it originally, now it's not so much. Zoee wasn't as common back then as it is now. Taggart (I didn't name, it was his shelter name) was very unusual and then I come to Pet Talk and there are two other Taggarts (one spelled Taggert). Paizly is super unique, spelling included. But I did see a dog named Paisley on PT before. And Jax isn't very unique, but we liked the spelling.

    My sister likes people names for her dogs. Kodi, BeeJay, Trevor, Dax (Star Trek character), Brodie, Quinn. The only one she's had that wasn't a human name was Brix (pronounced Bricks) because that was his name when he retired from the police force and she couldn't change it.
    Our goal in life should be - to be as good a person as our dog thinks we are.

    Thank you for the siggy, Michelle!

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    I don't have any specific type of name I choose - the name somehow seems to pick the dog.

    Molly's full name is "Miss Molly Cupcake", my SO had a thing for snack treats. She's called Molly Monster now since she's my wild child.

    Kirby came with the name when we rescued him and it fits. But he also answers to it and also to Dude.

    Muffin's full name is "Miss Honey Muffin" - see what I mean about the snack treats? The vet's office keeps trying to use Honey, but she's Dick's "Muffin Puppy".

    Shamus came with the name - funny that it's an Irish name and he's a good little German dog (dachshund); but he answers to it and I'm not gonna try and change that.

    Woofie was named "Richard" when we adopted him but since SO's name is Richard - that was not going to work. We started out at Wolfgang and it morphed into Woofie because he does woof (a lot).

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