View Poll Results: What type of names do you prefer for your pets?

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  • Very popular names that have been used by many.

    1 1.59%
  • Common names that have been used by some.

    13 20.63%
  • Unique, but realistic, names

    47 74.60%
  • Outlandishly original names.

    10 15.87%
  • I like to re-use names I have used in the past.

    1 1.59%
  • I do NOT like to reuse names.

    30 47.62%
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Thread: Names for your pets.

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    Names for your pets.

    When you name a pet, do you prefer a common/well used name or something more original??

    I prefer names that have not been used a lot but at the same time, are something recognizable.

    My examples for the poll.

    Over used names (names used a million times): Buffy, Fluffy, Max, Bailey (etc)

    Common/popular (names often used): Ashley, Simba, Misty (etc)

    Uncommon names (real names or words that are hardly ever heard for a pet): Rutherford, DaVinci, Fister (etc)

    outlandish names (names that you wouldn't even think could be an pet name): Yummy, Panang, Aramingo (all names I have heard for pets)

    And while we are voting, do you ever re-use names? Like Sam and Sam the 2nd...... or Pouncer and Pouncette?

    I try to never do this. I think each pet needs a special identity all their own. They shouldn't be a "rerun" of a former loved pet.

    disclaimer: I know that everyone will have a different opinion as to whether a particular name is "over-used" or simply "common", so just use YOUR definition when you vote.

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    I rather make name's that are uniqe and different from all the others.

    SunDance,Tears of Rain,Rainbowfeather,Dancingfeet,Loudheart ect...

    They seem more speacail to me.

    Altho there was this wild pigeon who's name I didint make but he kinda told me it was Jasper yes it used sometimes but it completly fitted that feral pigeon lol.

    I NEVER re-use name's its like recycling somthing that should have not been recycled. But then thats me....

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    I would consider most of my pet's names to be in the Common/popular section. Shadow, Jack, Batman and Jasper especially. I have met a few Micki and Minis but not spelt the way they are. I have a cat named Motchka which I think is pretty unique!

    However, when I pick a name for my pet, I really don't really think about the popularity, I name them whatever I think fits. For Jack I had my heart set on Romeo or Bonzai, my mom wanted to name him Jack and I absolutely hated it (because its so popular) but it fits him!

    I NEVER reuse names!

    Ashley & Crossbone ("mini ACD")
    Living with my parent's: Jack (Lab/Beagle), Micki & Mini (JRTS)
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    I guess I'd say slightly unique. Kuhio ~ Halo ~ Cammie ~ Pepper
    Cammie and Pepper aren't that original. But it fits their personalities. I keep thinking I'll name a kitty "Kiwi", but it doesn't seem to fit any kitty so far.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    All of my pets seem to have pretty common names. I guess I'm just not that creative when it comes to thinking of them!

    There is an older man that lives behind us that always names his dog the same thing, Princess. So far I think we're on Princess the VII or something.

    Chrissy [human] Snowy [bichon/maltese] Buttons ['tiel] Bubbles [CT betta]

    -the zoo crew-
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    Well, when I named Chester, the name just fit him better than any I thought of, I didn't realize it was a common pet name until the vets office said they have a lot of cats and dogs with that name.

    Amy's was one that fit her cuteness, sweetness and personality... we had a session where we just threw out names and "yes" or "no'ed" them. When the name Amy was put out, everyone said "YES!"....

    Giz, I didn't name, she had her name when they gave her to me.. I don't like the name but it FITS!! I call her "Dizzy Gizzy" sometimes..

    Samantha, well, I didn't realize that was a common name either when I selected that one for her. I wanted to name her as a rememberance of my RB blackie Sambo and needed a female name, Samantha fit and stuck.

    I don't reuse names, preferring each to have their own name, special just to them.

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    jeeze laweeze how could someone use the same name twice for 2 different pets?!?! well i guess its not so bad if you say like "the 2nd" or "jr." or something like that...

    **Thanks, ashleycat, i love the siggys!!!**

    ~chelsea* && Timber, George, Fred, & Hammie.
    (Skipper too! )

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    I voted unique, but realistic. I've had a Syee for a Siamese mix, Katusha (nicknamed Kate) for a tabby, Goldie for my golden girl, Mishi - whose full name is Mishigass, and Mitzi who was named for her white mitts. I would never reuse a name - each pet is unique and deserves a name of their own IMHO

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    I like names that are somewhat common, but not extremely common (over-used). Something that you'll only here of every once in a while, instead of daily. Tango's name is a name that I'd put into this category, as it's not insanely popular but I have met a few other dogs with the same name. I also like names that are unique. Something you don't hear often, if ever, but still sounds normal.

    I'm not one to re-use names ever.

    Journey - 2yr old Australian Shepherd
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    I like unique names but not too out there.

    From Decker with Love

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    I voted realistic but unique names.... though all my guys have common names! Thats because I have to also honor the wishes of the rest of the family.

    I also voted NOT to use and reuse the same name, Its weird to me, even though I grew up with Tiny, Tiny II, and Tiny III. I swear the only reason there was a Tiny II and III was because my mom and grandmom couldn't think up a new name. As much as I love the name Molly for a dog I would never use it because I already ahd a Molly and nobody could replace her. I don't think I'd be honoring her by naming a new dog the same name.

    I would also be REALLY upset if someone else came along and named their new pet in honor of my RB pet. I'd never be able to look at the "new" so-and-so's photos without crying for MY so-and-so. Its one thing to have it coincidentally like Harry, its common enough and easy to think they'd just happen to name their pet that name, but not Flutter. Thats too unusual to be coincidental, it would have to be in honor of her once she's gone to the RB.

    Though on the same token, I'd be super honored to have a pet named after me, go figure

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    I really prefer to use names that aren't heard of alot. Like my Norri, Garber, Hinge, Khaith, etc.
    I REALLY like human names for some reason... like my Melani, Kayla, Skylar, Ethan, Mark, Ophelia, Sid, Otto, Mitch, & countless others.

    Honestly, when it comes to a pet, whatever just fits is what stays =)
    Frisk is an example of a VERY over-used name, while Khaith is one of those names you usually hear only once in a lifetime.

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    I use whatever sticks, and sometimes it takes a while to find a name that sticks.
    Autumn and Sonny are pretty common.
    The fish all have uncommon names.
    "There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion."

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    Unique, but realistic, names...though the name "chloe" is VERY common..and Malakai's name isnt very unique either, but theres not many dogs (that i know of) named the same..i really prefer naming my dogs somthing unique that you dont hear very oftan

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    I try to use names that describe my pets' colors: Sandi is the color of sand, tan and black and some white mixed in, but she's female so I thought the "i" at the end was better than spelling it with a "y"; Oreo is a very dark brown, with a little bit of white (the "frosting" got licked off, mostly! ); Angel was white when she was a kitten, when we first got her, and SO-O-O-O tiny and "angelic" looking!; Shadow is black; Little Orphan Annie is calico, but she was so little, and such a helpless orphan, that the name just seemed to fit her---and I know someone named Annie whose hair is the color of the reddish-orange in my Little Orphan Annie's fur; and baby Dottie is black and white, like a huge black dot got splattered all over her back, and another one on her chin.

    None of your categories really matched my names, so I didn't vote!

    Rest in Peace, dear Oreo: April 20, 1997-July 18, 2011
    :Rest in Peace, beautiful Sandi: March 18, 1994-January 23, 2010

    Rest in Peace, sweet Angel: July 1, 2001-May 14, 2009


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