When you name a pet, do you prefer a common/well used name or something more original??

I prefer names that have not been used a lot but at the same time, are something recognizable.

My examples for the poll.

Over used names (names used a million times): Buffy, Fluffy, Max, Bailey (etc)

Common/popular (names often used): Ashley, Simba, Misty (etc)

Uncommon names (real names or words that are hardly ever heard for a pet): Rutherford, DaVinci, Fister (etc)

outlandish names (names that you wouldn't even think could be an pet name): Yummy, Panang, Aramingo (all names I have heard for pets)

And while we are voting, do you ever re-use names? Like Sam and Sam the 2nd...... or Pouncer and Pouncette?

I try to never do this. I think each pet needs a special identity all their own. They shouldn't be a "rerun" of a former loved pet.

disclaimer: I know that everyone will have a different opinion as to whether a particular name is "over-used" or simply "common", so just use YOUR definition when you vote.