My boy is doing well. He has not tweaked the knee ....or given me some form of a heart attack in quite some time!! We are having some diarrhea issues....but on the up side, he has had a great appetite lately. I might actually get him up to 39-40 lbs. yet! We're working on those muscles!!

Here are some pics I took today...

Left side...this is the more atrophied side. He most recently had surgery on this side and this knee has the partially torn ligament. He is using it really well and his muscles continue to develop well on this side.

Right side....his strong side. You can see the size difference by comparing the two pictures, but the difference is somewhat obscured by his fur. Obviously the left side has shorter hair as it was shaved more recently. He still has uneven breeches!

Smiley boy

gardengirl - Thank you for sharing your story, advice and kind words. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Bailey (and his despicable breeder ).
Adequan is very expensive, but I know it helps Kirk tremendously. I give weekly injections at home, and probably will continue to do so for life. If you can stomach giving the injections yourself, then your clinic might allow you to buy the bottle and do it at home (at a tremendous cost savings).
Wishing you and Bailey all the best!!