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I am so sorry to hear about these problems. It is most unfair for Kirk and
for you too. You must have the patience of a Saint to keep carrying
on for as long as you have. Could you keep Kirk caged while you are gone?
I hope he starts to put more weight on his leg soon. Do you think he just
over did things & strained a muscle?
Yes, he is crate trained and usually in the crate when no one is around. However, my Dad is retired and at home with him confined to our small living room most of the time. This week was Spring Break and my parents were out of town. Kirk had been in the crate MUCH more than usual because of my insane schedule. I wanted to give him some freedom while I went on my short trip to the airport, but apparently that was a mistake.
I really don't know what it could be....because last night he was the most acutely and suddenly painful that I've ever seen him-- more obviously painful than the TWO times he dislocated that hip. I just don't know....
Thank you for the good thoughts.