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    You are such a cute little kitty! I'm sorry for the rough start you had in life but it sure sounds like you and your mom are lucky to have found each other. Congratulations on being cat of the day!

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    What a little sweetie you are, little Lucky. And, your name suits you well, you are VERY lucky!

    You were in the right place at the right time (and so was your purrent). I'm happy and grateful that you have a loving furrever home.

    Who could not love that face?

    Congratulations, sweet Lucky!
    Loving meowmie to Archy & Binky (RIP my sweet boy 10/13/10)



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    Lucky is sure a lucky fellow!!! Your found your forever home and your mission as well!!! Happy COTD!!
    Nine is Fine!!

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    Lucky, what a precious little babycat you are! You and your owner are both lucky!
    Cathy loves Cocoa Kitty.

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    Hi Lucky

    Dear Lucky,
    There is a piece of folklore which states, when someone dies, a white animal will enter your life to take care of you.
    When I saw your picture it crossed my mind, " I wonder if someone had just lost someone." As I read on............
    I'm quite sure you were on a "sweet kitty" mission........Mission Accomplished!

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    Lucky is beautiful. In the early eighties, I saved three tabby brothers, kittens in the same state as Lucky. It cost me two thousand dollars. I brought them home, but I already had two cats and asthma, so it was too much, but we found them homes. I am glad you could keep Lucky.

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    How adorable you are, Lucky! I love your coloring -- congrats on your special day!

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    Lucky, what a sweet and precious face you have! God knew your meowmie needed a special presence in her life so he sent you! You have obviously been the purrrfect companion and friend for her.

    Have a Heaven-sent COTD!
    Naranj's and P.K.'s Momma

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    Lucky, you are a beautiful kitty with your white fur and soft orange markings, not to mention those brilliant blue eyes. What a lucky little kitty you were to find the perfect home. You needed your mom to take care of you as much as she needed you to console her after the loss of her mother. There is a lot of love in your house, today and for many years to come. You are a great COTD, sweet Lucky!

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