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Thread: Your First Pet??

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    at beginning of the script.

    Your First Pet??

    I was wondering what/which pet was your FIRST pet in your life? a very first one ..?

    even though I don't remember taking care of our first pet, a boxed turtle we have had for two years, I know it was my first pet. his name was telly, we think he died suddenly of an old age.

    a bonus, a picture of me and him! (when I was two) .. so shall I blame my parents for being an animal lover? ..not sure if they got it because of me or for them.

    second, third, fourth was a rat, fifth and sixth, mice, then seventh - (fifteen years later), my first cat!
    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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    My kitty, Jen was my first cat. I remember being very young when we went to the cat rescue and I picked out my own and very own pet, a 9 month old Maine Coone/Tabby. That kitten was tiny, and how she's at least 20 pounds (LOL!!!). The most histarical thing I can remember from that day was the lady that owned the rescue saying "she hates kids, other dogs, and cannot live with any other pets. She's a one person pet". But she rubs against the dog's legs, LOVES kids, and lives with salamanders, fish, hamsters, frogs & lizards, and she's fine with it! You can see her in my signature. My next pet was my dog, Alaska, and then another dog Claire, then my girl Georgia, then my bud, Buddy, then my turtle (he ran away ) then my gecko, Montana and so on...

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    My first pet was my cat, Twinkles

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    My first pet was Frisk. ^__^
    Mum didn't allow me to have pets for the longest of time. Finally, after much begging from my father and I, she gave in when I was around 9 years old and I received my little bundle of love.

    Eventhough I have owned MANY pets since then, I still see Frisk as the best pet thats ever been in my life. I honestly take him everywhere I go as long as its allowed. He's been there for me when I went through the worst depression, and without him, I don't know where I'd be.
    Simply put, he's all I've ever wanted.

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    An ACD named Rocky . I miss him lots. =/
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    I big maine coon male kitty named Tiger.
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
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    my first pet was a siamese mix cat named tisha
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    My very first pet was a grey longhaired cat named fred(found out later it was a girl!)!! he he he!! I was nine and we rescued her from a bag that was thrown into a pond!! had he for 9 years!! she was the best!

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    we had an affinpincher when I was a baby, but I dont remeber him, I did not even know we ever had one till like last year, I had always heard about the "stupid dog that got lost in the driveway" but I had always thought it was just a random mutt and thought it was before I was born, but nope, I was born in prince george and they got him from Regina when we lived in weyburn, I would have been about a year old by then. from what I heard the dog was stolen from the yard, and my parents believe it was the dogcatcher that lived accross the ally, appernently the guy hated the dog. the earliest pet I actually Remeber was Isko, a budgie that appears in nearly every older picture we have of my dad lol MY personal first pet was 3 neon Tetra's.
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    A long-haired tuxy kitty named Tippy, and Baby, a long-haired cream colored kitty with a grey tear-shaped patch under her left eye (Hence why her name was Baby)

    I've never known life without an animal, my family has always had them since before I came along, but tippy and baby were the only ones we had when I was younger - around 2 or 3.

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    A Lhasa Apso/Cocker Spaniel mix named Spike. He was a birthday gift for my second birthday.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    Well, we had an assortment of fish, frogs, hamsters, and crabs. MY first pets was a rat named Stuart, then a guinea pig named Cinnamon, then a black DLH male named Fuzznuts, then a mouse named Lemmiwinks. All those were when I was living with a parent. My very first all-my-own furbaby, after I moved out, was a DSH tuxedo male named Tier.

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    Well, I was born straight into the family when both my RB kitties Brando and Zsa-Zsa were two years old, so I suppose technically they were my 'first' pets.

    But I'll always think of my very own first pet as my mini lop rabbit, Bo-peep. I got her when I was four and I remember feeling so proud that I had a pet which I had to look after. Bo-peep was also the first pet I had which went to the RB, on 16th March 2002, and I felt so horrid that day I wanted to just die. Here's Bo-peep's baby pic

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    I'll never keep track of all the fish that have come and gone, so I'll just say dogs. If you mean MY first pet, that would be Pheobe, if you're talking the pet that was my families when I was born, that would be Houblie.

    Here's a pic of us together, I was telling her I would leash-train her. I never finished.


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    My mom and I lived at my grandparents' house when I was very young up til 5 years and she had a few cats and 2 dogs but they weren'y mine. I have 3 fish my dad gave me as my first pets, then Tigger.

    Niño & Eliza


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