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Thread: a most fortunate cat is Memo!!

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    a most fortunate cat is Memo!!

    Memo you beautiful, caring fellow...What a testament for all those who love animals...unfortunately with some people they are too self absorbed and unfeeling to consider the welfare of their animals ...they can have a mentality that any animal is disposable and it's nothing for them to "ill treat and dump" their pets and forget is so terribly sad and unfeeling when owners just can't be bothered to care for their pets anymore..but thankfully there are the precious, loving, compassionate people who love their pets and rescue hurting and neglected animals..Thank God for them, thank God for their open, caring and nurturing hearts like the owners of memo!!! .. Thankfully we humans (as fallable as we) are not all uncaring, selfish and self seeking...we do exist, we are out there!! "THANKYOU!!!" to the owners of precious memo, how beautiful of you to rescue this near-dying cat!!! ...God is smiling on you and may He bless your hearts and lives!!!....Jujuboy

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    Memo's Humans

    Memo's humans are the kind of people that homeless cats depend on for rescue and love. Memo is very lucky that he was found by such wonderful people. Memo is such a handsome cat and obviously well-loved, along with his feline brothers and sisters. People who love and care for animals are the best!

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    memo to Memo

    I thank Memo's owners for loving all their cats so much, and for telling this story of Memo and the cats of Chile. The cat on my lap, Minnosh - who I adopted while I was living in Turkey - is particulary happy that you have helped Memo and other cats. She and I (we are both in the USA right now) would like especially Americans to know that other countries treat animals in many different ways, and often without respect for their simple sweet lives.

    They are little gifts of the earth, and surely Memo is giving his gifts everyday, in gratitude to the people who recognized what a treasure he is. Thank you, Memo.

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    just wanted to say...minnosh, what a lovely name..does it have a meaning? or is it just a name you thought of for the cat?...nice name, i like it!

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    What a happy ending to a sad story. I loved that your cat rescued a baby cat. What a smart boy!
    Cathy loves Cocoa Kitty.

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    My gracious, beautiful Memo . . . you have survived so much cruelty and neglect, but now you are proudly cherished and loved by your guardians and you have so much to be thankful for that I want to wish you a festive and enjoyable day basking in your much-deserved limelight as our extra-special COTD! Maybe your benevolent guardians can try to educate other humans in Chile to be kinder to the creatures that share their land. Kindness radiates and may help other animals to receive the love and respect they deperately crave. Blessings to you and your family.

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    Memo! I loved reading your story of your rescue and your life with your purrents in Chile. And you rescuing your kitten friend. I do hope that your purrents ensure your safety in your later years by making you an indoor cat. A beauty like you should be cherished and kept safe for all of your lives. Enjoy your special day as our COTD!

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    I'm sure that when Zerlina (black with white "bikini" markings) wakes up from her nap, she'll say that Memo deserves to be up there with Superman and the FDNY. And, I hope you're an inside-only cat now - too many things that are bigger and badder than you out there. Hope you had a special day!

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    Hi from Perth in Western Australia!

    Congratulations to beautiful Memo's kind purrents! Thank you so much for your intervention in the rescue of these poor creatures if only there were more people like you on this planet. We here in Australia have quite strict laws governing how we treat our animals, however there are always those who will treat them badly no matter how strict our laws are. And until your authorities implement some laws governing the treatment and rescue of animals this cruelty will continue. Perhaps you could talk to your local councillor about starting an ASPCA in your local city with kind volunteers like yourself who are interested in rescuring and caring for our dear voiceless friends, they just might be interested, especially if they have animals themselves!

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    How sweet you are, beautiful Memo, to help rescue cats and kittens! What a wonderful example to set to others.

    I hope you had a great day as our celebrated Cat of the Day!

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