Memo you beautiful, caring fellow...What a testament for all those who love animals...unfortunately with some people they are too self absorbed and unfeeling to consider the welfare of their animals ...they can have a mentality that any animal is disposable and it's nothing for them to "ill treat and dump" their pets and forget is so terribly sad and unfeeling when owners just can't be bothered to care for their pets anymore..but thankfully there are the precious, loving, compassionate people who love their pets and rescue hurting and neglected animals..Thank God for them, thank God for their open, caring and nurturing hearts like the owners of memo!!! .. Thankfully we humans (as fallable as we) are not all uncaring, selfish and self seeking...we do exist, we are out there!! "THANKYOU!!!" to the owners of precious memo, how beautiful of you to rescue this near-dying cat!!! ...God is smiling on you and may He bless your hearts and lives!!!....Jujuboy