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Thread: Prissy & Miracle - Pictures + 1 video - (title change / pictures added)

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    Prissy & Miracle - Pictures + 1 video - (title change / pictures added)

    I appologize for the poor quality of the video, and for the sound of my voice on it. My equine kids would spend their entire lives eating and standing around if I didn't make them move their rears. So.... Miracle isn't broke to ride so I can't excerise her that way, thus the lunge whip and making her do circles at the back of the pasture. I decided to video it today and here we are. Now that you're tired of listening (er...reading?) to me babble.... here the stuff is.

    ^ dag blasted sun got in the way, not to mention I just stink at using the video part of me camera. ^

    I really like this picture. It would have been better if I hadn't nearly cut the tip of her nose off. The screen is cracked and therefore doesn't work, making it quite difficult to make sure everything is in the frame when using zoom.

    Miracle 'laying down some rubber'.

    Prissy 'laying down some rubber'.

    Little Miss Priss

    Prissy, basking in the sun.

    more in a future post...
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