Hi All,

My friends' bunny recently died (cancer), and I took the cage from her as a travel cage for my ferrets, however she also gave me all the extra rabbit stuff she had. I dont know anyone with a rabbit, or other small animal that would be able to use the bits, so if anyone wants the following batch (for free), then they're welcome to it:

- Unopened package of wood chips
- 3/4 bag of some kind of Rabbit Food (not sure what brand)
- Pink igloo like rabbit house
- 2 or 3 salt lick things
- Possibly other things in the box, I didn't look too closely, but thats the majority of the things.

The only thing is that all of the above is located in Mississauga, Ontario - I don't want to ship it, or anything like that - but it is available for anyone who is willing to pick it up.

I guess post a message here, or PM me if you're interested