I found this on another forum. It is so true. *wipes eyes*


I sit alone and so confused behind the metal bars. The loss that I am feeling will forever leave its scars.
My family left me here one day a month or two ago. They said, "Dont worry, Tabby, youll find a home, we know."
It seems theyd bought a condo that said "No Pets Permitted." I thought theyd never leave me but then they went and did it.
My favorite windowsill is gone where I used to lay and sun. I cried all night the day they left and remembered years of fun.
The people stop and look at me and always say, "Poor Thing". Then they choose a kitten when they could have had a King.
As Christmas nears, its gotten worse I remember presents under the tree, lots of catnip and a turkey dinner, loving hands that once stroked me.
There were lots and lots of laughter as I played with all my toys. I miss them both so much this day their love, their kisses and the joys
so, please, if you stop by my "home", just give me an extra rub. Ive given up being adopted, but I sure could use the love.
And if you really like me, Please, Please take me with you Ill be real good, I promise, and love you long and true.