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Thread: My dog won't stop Barking!!!

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    My dog won't stop Barking!!!

    My dog thinks she's the queen of the house,but she's also our security. Last night my brother brought a friend over to spend the night, and well, my dog didn't recognize her. So she kept me and my family up barking all night! I wonder if all Yorkies do this?
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    You need to do some obedience work with her, and make her realize you, not she, is the queen. Otherwise, she is just doing what she perceives is her job, and you have no control. She and you will be much happier if, in circumstances like this, you can tell her "Enough, now go lie down." And if you are the Alpha/queen, she knows this stranger is your responsibility, and she can rest with you incontrol.

    It will take work, lots of repitition, and yes, Yorkies are barky, but you need to retake control. It cannot be much fun for her to have to bark all night, either!

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    well dogs do bark so you really can't stop that! But in another case he is going threw a stage Good Luck finding out!

    P.S I ai'nt the best promblem slover

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    We are having this problem with our Bower too. I think it's the shepard in him that makes him bark so much but it gets irritating. I have read The Latchkey Dog and tried to be the alpha but unfortunately Bower thinks daddy is the alpha, so when daddy is home from work he is on his best behavior but when daddy is gone the little bugger is obnoxious. I learned that when he is barking it is because he wants something and like a child I have learned what each bark means, food, play or pee pee time. But what gets me is when he just barks at me to bark and when I tell him "enough-lay down" or "relax" it just makes him bark at me more. How can we both be alphas?[FONT=Arial]

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