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Thread: Poor little Isis girl.

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    Poor little Isis girl.

    I left to go get my puppy and visit my parents.

    I've been gone since last Friday (14th) morning. Troy and I have been talking on the phone a couple of times every day.

    Of course, I've been asking about the fish, frog, gerbils, and witties. The first three probably don't notice that I'm gone.

    However, the witties do. Lily seems to be the least affected. He says that she has been running across his legs and attacking his feet at night so not much difference there. Soni has been giving extra lovings and has changed his routine of doing them. Isis won't come out from underneath the bed and she won't eat.

    Apparently, she came out for a few seconds and was on top of the bed last night but as soon as hubby tried to pet her she was back under again. Also, she was out for a few seconds to let Gracie pet her, the other day, but was right back under afterwards.

    So, my little Isis girl misses me. I feel very loved but I wish she would eat.

    Edit: I just talked to Troy again. He says Isis has, in fact, started eating or has been for a while now. He got some wet food to entice her and that was all it took!

    No, I don't think she will be mad at me when I come back with ze puppy.
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