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Thread: Reference to Dogs in "songs."

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    Thanks Lilith Cherry and cyber-sibes for that version of "Winter Wonderland"

    It puts me in the Holiday Mood too!!!!

    I can't believe ( as old as I am) that I've never heard that one before!!!

    I learn something new and Wonderful every day on Pet Talk!!!

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    I watched a video ( You tube) since having DSL now!!!

    It's a video done back in the 60's ( but is cut up , of course )

    I know that I HAVE to Get my very OWN dog , one that is all mine

    I just had to share this with PetTalk People!!!

    ( I've got to buy me a DOG!!! )~~Grand dogs just don't do for me!!!

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    Something for ALL DOG LOVER " DOG SONG 2 "Better with you There"

    For anyone who has every lost a best dog friend.....we want you to enjoy and embrace our song "Better with you There" The inspiration for the song came from life with our 2 Jack Russell Terriers....and sadly since we wrote the song....we have lost 3 and are now down to one..."BUG" We hope the lyrics will touch you and bring to mind those good times you spent with your best friend....Please enjoy DOG SONG 2 Better with you There on YOUTUBE at
    My friends down at the factory say I'm....actin' mightly strange
    Its not that I look different,,but somehow somethings changed
    they ask me "hows the wife n kids I tellem...we're all doin great"
    But head hung low I turn and just keep walking thru the gate
    Cuz when I'd get home from work each night, you were always there to greet me..
    With so much love my troubles seemed to fade n turn to smiles
    You'd smother me with kisses...sitting in that big ole chair
    Life was so much BETTER WITH YOU THERE
    Well I been tryikn' t pass the time without you.....things just ain't the same
    I stare at that old collar rememberin' how I'd holler out yer name.....
    When I'd say " C mere boy..lets go for a ride..." you'd beat me to the car each time
    ..with the windows down wind blowin' in your face....( refrain )
    (bridge) I know you had to leave..but its so hard on go on ...without my best friend...
    NOW when I get home from work each're NOT THERE to greet me..
    Suddenly I'm troubled..and its hard for me to smile..
    Left with NO MORE KISSES.....sittin alone in OUR OLD CHAIR
    Life was so much better...Life was so much Better ...back when ( refrain )
    [We hope you enjoy the pics and the song.....and welcome your comments. RR

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    Awww, what a nice tribute!
    I've Been Frosted

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    What a great song, but I'm not so much cut out for listening to songs about my dog dying without turning into a mess. I musta missed this thread years ago. No mention of the song Old Blue...
    "There are two things which cannot be attacked in front: ignorance and narrow-mindedness. They can only be shaken by the simple development of the contrary qualities. They will not bear discussion."

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    Longdog - Show of Hands

    My Dog - Oysterband

    Brown Dog - Young Dubliners

    And Wolfstone have a song called Black Dog (as does Led Zeppelin) as well as an album called Year of the Dog!
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