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Thread: Chronic URI

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    Chronic URI

    Hi - my mom has my late sister's cats, two lilac point Siamese. (My sister had gone into care several years ago, and they became my mom's).

    Anyway, the bigger on, Pyka, gets URI's on a regular basis. He gets antibiotics, which clear him up well - and he gets bouncy and happy and frisky again - then a few days after, he starts getting congested again.

    The vet gave him a paste which is administered to the roof of his mouth (or as close as one can get ) twice a day. This is supposed to boost his immune system, and hopefully drive the latent virus out.

    But he is snuffling and stuffed up again.

    Mom has called the vet - I told her about an anithistamine, and she will ask
    the doctor about it.


    My mom and Shiney:

    Any other ideas???

    Both cats are littermates, about 8 years old.


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    I don't know what to say. Mr. Spunky keeps the sniffles. He has allergies as do I. He doesn't take pills well.

    I am planning on moving in the next several months to a place with hardwood floors or tile floors. It's the only thing that works.

    Hope you find a solution.

    They are beautiful cats.


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    Is Paya as long as he looks in that picture? They are beautiful babies!

    I think you can give them Benydril (spelling?), 1/2 or 1/4 a pill but I forget which it is. She can ask the vet about that. There has to be something going on that he keeps getting this. Maybe he isn't getting completely rid of it before the antibotics are gone, maybe they are not strong enough or there is something else going on. Have they done a chest X-ray?

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    I also have a cat that has chronic URI's. Ask the vet about Zythromax. It's a pediatric antibiotic that works very well on URI's. Also, Orbax & Interfon. Those are the two things that have helped Mollie Rose tremendously!

    I also give Mollie Rose a vitamin supplement that helps boost her immune system, called Lysine. I give her a 1/4 tab of 500 mgs each day.

    Good luck!

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    Hope this helps!

    Our vet recently told us that to keep out cat from getting a urinary tract infection that we should only feed his 3 ounces of food a day. 1 1/2 in the morning and 1 1/2 in the evening. He said the key is to only leave the food out for an hour. He said that what happens is when a cat eats, their PH balance goes up, therefore causing UTI's!! I haven't quite adjusted my cat's eating schedule as he is just used to eating at his leisure. If your cats are eating a lot then their PH balance is always high which would make sense that they are always getting UTI's! I hope this helps you and your kitties!!


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    Sorry I thought you were talking about UTI's....

    I just re read your comments.........and realized you were referring to upper respiratory infections........boy do I feel like a goof ball! Well if anyone ever has trouble with UTI's I hope my info helps.......LOL


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    Oh geez, do I ever know about SNOT!!! Brodie had the snots for the first year of his life BIG TIME!!! I can remember going around and wiping snot off of EVERYTHING!!! It got so bad that his nose would even bleed!!! We thought he had herpes, but since he's been on this Prescription D/D, his nose has cleared up and he hasn't had one runny nose!

    Which leads us to believe that he had . . . ALLERGIES!!! As in runny nose allergies! LOL . . . I mean, it makes sense I guess.

    Anyway, no more snot here, thank goodness!

    Just a "bit of info" I thought I'd pass along to YOU . . . might be something you hadn't thought of before.

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    Christa took the words right out of my mouth, I was thinking allergies, too!
    Hope you can find a solution.He is such a HANDSOME fellow!!!
    Nine is Fine!!

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