Hi - my mom has my late sister's cats, two lilac point Siamese. (My sister had gone into care several years ago, and they became my mom's).

Anyway, the bigger on, Pyka, gets URI's on a regular basis. He gets antibiotics, which clear him up well - and he gets bouncy and happy and frisky again - then a few days after, he starts getting congested again.

The vet gave him a paste which is administered to the roof of his mouth (or as close as one can get ) twice a day. This is supposed to boost his immune system, and hopefully drive the latent virus out.

But he is snuffling and stuffed up again.

Mom has called the vet - I told her about an anithistamine, and she will ask
the doctor about it.


My mom and Shiney:

Any other ideas???

Both cats are littermates, about 8 years old.