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Thread: How to attach a picture with a post.

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    How to attach a picture with a post.

    I am going nuts trying to figure out how to attach a photo from "My Pictures" file onto a post.

    HELP!! When i click onto reply, the dialog box contains several icons, one being, insert image,

    after I click onto that, another window pops up,

    I can't figure out how to manage attachments in the dialog box.

    Once I locate the chosen photo, I lose it when I come back to this box.

    I am a computer dummy, poor pitiful me.

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    Hopefully this helps you.

    ~Kay, Athena, Ace, Kiara, Mufasa, & Alice!
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    I did not scroll down for additional options!!!!! Geez, Talk about brain dead!!!

    I wondered where in the heck is this "manage attachments"

    Okay , you helped me find my hand and eye coordination, I'll try to attach a photo when I get the chance again.

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    I tried doing it that way, but it didn't work.

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