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Thread: Hello Every1!!!!

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    Hello Every1!!!!

    Hi, I'm a new member here. I have two cute cats whose names are Princess and Duchess! I LOVE them!!!!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk. I have noticed your posts for all of the Dog/Cat/Pet of the Day. I was hoping you would introduce yourself, and whatever furbabies you have. Can't wait to see Princess and Duchess; what kind of cats are they?

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    to Pet Talk!!

    I am Lut, from Belgium, and I am owned by 4 lovely cats: Maya, Inka, Zazou and Snoopy

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    Prin & Duch

    They look like Maine Coons, but they're Siberians. Princess looks like Princess the Found Cat!!!

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    And they might be the Cats of the Day someday!

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