Felt like posting a couple of videos that I thought were cute. Katie is usually a very quiet girl, especially when she and Tori are playing. In the first video Katie is being very bossy and she is making sure that Tori leaves her toy alone. All the dog noises are made by Katie. This is rare because usually Tori is making all her husky noises.

In the next video Katie is being very playful and puppyish. She actually initiated the play. Tori was sleeping and Katie went over and started pawing at her, then she flops down and lets Tori pounce and chew all over her. All dog noises in this video are made by Tori.

I love watching these two dogs play and am always amazed at how well they get along.

P.S...Just ignore hubby in the background. He had just woke up and is not looking his best .