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Thread: Bossy Katie, Playful Katie...A couple of videos.

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    Bossy Katie, Playful Katie...A couple of videos.

    Felt like posting a couple of videos that I thought were cute. Katie is usually a very quiet girl, especially when she and Tori are playing. In the first video Katie is being very bossy and she is making sure that Tori leaves her toy alone. All the dog noises are made by Katie. This is rare because usually Tori is making all her husky noises.

    In the next video Katie is being very playful and puppyish. She actually initiated the play. Tori was sleeping and Katie went over and started pawing at her, then she flops down and lets Tori pounce and chew all over her. All dog noises in this video are made by Tori.

    I love watching these two dogs play and am always amazed at how well they get along.

    P.S...Just ignore hubby in the background. He had just woke up and is not looking his best .

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    What cute videos! Katie you can be one noisy puppy, can't you? Tori and you are sure having a good time playing in the second one!

    Isn't it great when your dogs get along and play well together?

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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I'm not downloading anything on David's computer, yet, as he's already having some, I can't view the videos, but, they certainly sound fun!
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    Robin you know I always enjoying watching your girls play

    It looks to me as if Katie says "We'll play, but only WHEN and IF I want to"

    Loved the videos!

    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
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    very cute!
    I love it when Katie's personality shines thru.
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    Your girls look like they were having a lot of fun. Love to watch those pretty girls.
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    Sounds like my house, very vocal. Those were great videos, those two really are the best of friends aren't they? Have they ever gotten into a fight?

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

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    I just love your Katie. She is a very pretty girl, with the sweetest face, and is soooo good to her sister, Tori. Yeah, I love watching your two play. I was pretty amused too, to see that everytime Katie barked Tori hit the floor. They are such good sisters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jadapit
    Have they ever gotten into a fight?
    That was my question as well. Females can get a little nasty sometimes, just wondering if they have ever really gotten into it?

    Great videos, it is very nice to seem them playing. Goodness, wouldn't want to get in the way of them playing, they might knock you over.
    Amber: Mom to Connor, Carson, Sadie, Maggie and Grant

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    Very cute! They are so big, I bet they take up most of your living room! Both me and the dogs enjoyed these- especially the first one. Marta was outside, but she barked to come inside and trotted in looking for the new dog in her house when she heard Katie talking.

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    Robin, it's so funny... watching the 2nd video was like watching my own pups!
    They chomp on each others necks... legs... pin each other down JUST like your girls! Don't you just love watching them play and having fun? Always brings a smile to the face!!!

    Please give the girls a smooch on the noses from me!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    I can't believe I've missed this thread!

    I love those two girls of your's, Robin! They are so much fun to watch.

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    All I could do is watch them, which was still great! Sound on my computer at work isn't working It was good seeing them and I'll have to check these out at home so I can enjoy Katie's "talking". I love that Husky talk.

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