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Thread: Forget Jack In A Box, It's Jack In A Sink!

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    Forget Jack In A Box, It's Jack In A Sink!

    Some pictures of Jack just now sitting in the sink! he hasn't done this for about a year then just got in so I had to take a picture
    I'll post some pics of Sunny later on

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    What a handsome boy! And such a kissable face!

    And as a side note, that is THE most interesting sink I have ever seen.

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    Ooooooo, posh sink and taps you have!

    You know Jack, celebrities such as yourself are allowed a little eccentric behaviour. If you like it there, sweetheart, just you stay there. I'll bet it is lovely and cool in this hot weather.

    EDIT: I forgot to say, Jen is right, that is a MOST kissable face! mwah mwah mwah

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    I have to tell you, the sink is a pain in the neck! It looked fancy at the time, but ahhh it's a nightmare to keep clean, as soon as you've cleaned it, it's dirty when you brush your teeth, my advice, have a nice white porclain one instead! Jack likes it though! He fits his big fat bum right into it perfectly

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    Oh Jack, you are so cute in your sink-bed! It is all yours! You should ask meowmie to add a little pillow to make it more comfy

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    What an elegant sink! No wonder kitty couldn't resist!

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