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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    I live in Oxford with my partner and 3 children (aged 7, 5 and 4). I also have a menagerie of pets - 1 dachshund (Chester), 2 British shorthair cats (Smokey and Ebony), 2 chinchillas (Nibbles and Snuffles), a syrian hamster (Cosmos) and a tank of triops. My dog and chinchillas are all rescues, we have 3 rescue netherland dwarf rabbits on reserve, and I am a volunteer for chinchilla chatline.

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    Hi there! I love Oxford, my grandparents live there, it's such a lovely city. I live a little north of you, in Lancashire. Welcome to PT!

    Zimbabwe 07/13

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    Welcome to pet talk!!! please stick around. If you need help with anything feel free to pm me or somebody else.

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    Welcome I am Nikki.I have two kittys Zippy and Pumpkin.My uncle has chinchillas they are so cute
    Nikki[human],Zippy[tabby],and Pumpkin[orange tabby]
    Rest in Peace my Sweet Hammie Zoey
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    hi everyone

    My chins even put their hands down your trpousers and play with your underwear, they restyle my hair, poo in my shoes, throw hay and poo and sand at me, and are now trying to work out how to tie my shoe laces together. Great fun!!

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    Sadly, my beautiful syrian hamster Cosmos died in June aged over 3 years old, not bad considering he almost died from a massive tumour at 16 months old. He died from a couple of strokes followed by a massive haemorrage. He died on the way to the vets, and I have never wished so much in my life that I could have ran faster. I have since took in another beautiful syrian from a rescue centre, a beautiful boy called buster who I love dearly, but I will never forget my Cosmos, it really did feel as though my heart had been ripped out for a while.

    The furry family has also grown slightly since I was last in touch to include 3 netherland dwarf cross rabbits (one of which is blind in one eye due to an injury becoming ulcerated and never being treated by the "rescuer"). We have called them Hazel, Fern and Laurel. Hazel is the mother of the other two. We have also rescued two mice called Ziggy and Rufus, but have since had to split them up due to fighting, but are still going to keep both. And we have got a new friend for Chester; a Basenji x Whippet called Manni with a very sad past (another rescue). Also, I used to have 4 giant australian prickly stick insects who all died of old age. One of their eggs hatched yesterday and we now have the cutest little baby nymph. We have named him/her Willow after the last one to die from the last generation. I am also getting a group of 5 male gerbils from a rescue on Sunday. One of them only has 3 legs and they have come from really horrific conditions; basically a stupid woman in London who had 103 gerbils (mixed-sex) crammed into 4 tiny hamster cages. As they are all cream, I have decided to call them Biscuit, Brulee, Custard, Fudge and Popcorn.

    Well that is enough from me, so ya again for now! Alex.

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    gerbils arrived

    Another quick update....

    The gerbils arrived, but the one with three legs was already named Trio. I have called his brothers Biscuit, Custard, Fudge and Popcorn.

    I also now have 2 shrimps called Jack and Tommy.

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    now 30 babies

    Now up to 10 shrimps (since the addition of Sam, Toby, Chloe, Tamsin, Lily, Tia, Jasmin and Ellie) and 3 stick insects (since the addition of Bramble and Catkin), making 30 pets in total (not including the kids)!

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    sad news

    Sadly Fern and Nibbles both passed away only 2 days apart a couple of weeks ago. We have another rescued chinchilla reserved for after we have finished moving house as a friend for Snuffles. Her name is Cookie.

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    to PT, Alexandra! Hey, feel free to post about your pets on the other treads too!!

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    Beautiful cats there Maya and Inka's mummy!

    Are they Main Coons?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alexandra
    Are they Main Coons?
    Oh no! In fact I have NO idea! Maya comes from a shelter, Inka was found in the middle of a cornfield, Zazou is from a shelter too, and Snoopy was found by my hubby on a parking lot! I am sure Zazou has some main coon in her though

    Hey feel free to visit my web-site! My cats' history is there, together with tons of pics of them and my family!
    The Pet's House

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    I'm jealous! I took a day trip to Oxford this summer while I was in London and fell in love with it!

    I'm so sorry to hear about Ferns and Nibbles

    Welcome to Pet Talk! I'm Laura and I live in Arizona with my partner as well as 4 cats and a dog, you can see all of their pictures in my signature.
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    hi Alexandra,

    I am a neighbour across the water - I live in Ireland wiht my husband and my two dogs. This is a great site and welcome you will enjoy it....

    Thanks to Michelle (Kittycats_Delight) for my wonderful
    cheerful and special signature and avatar!!!!!!



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