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Thread: Bentley!

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    Hello darlin!!

    I must admit I have never seen a WHITE Schnauzer ........ but, boy oh boy, you sure are beautiful!

    Hope you have a great DOTD today !!!
    "No dog is born either vicious or friendly, but rather a blank slate that is moulded, for better or worse, by the owner."

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    Hi Bentley!!

    Good morning little man! What a pretty boy you are in your fluffy white coat. We have never seen a white Schnauzer either. What a pleasant surprise it is to meet such a stunning example of a Schnauzer boy of your color. You take our breath away Bentley! We can imagine how cute you are, riding in the car, and getting into the laundry. Never a dull moment at your house right sweetie? Congrats on your big day as our most attractive DOTD!! We hope you get showered with fun and merriment today. Please have Mom give you lots of extra kisses from us here in Florida(some for the fursibs too ) Happiness always!!

    Love, Daisy and Delilah in Sunny Florida

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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    Bentley....You are sooo handsome. I just love your white hair. I bet you are a spoiled little boy. Congratulations on DOTD. Have a wonderful day.
    A Dog Lover

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    Hello Bentley!!!! Congratulations on DOTD!!! You are very cute! Make sure you sneak in and get an extra sock or two to help you enjoy this special day!!! You are a cutie! Congratulations Bentley!!!!

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    Bentley, what a great poser you are for the camera! You are such a puppy--stealing socks and running away from your mommy; I just love those puppy antics! Congratulations on being Dog of the Day!

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    What a beauuuutiful Schnauzer doggie you are Bentley!! I love your handsome face and pretty haircut, not to mention that cute as a button black nose! Congrats to ADOOOORABLE BENTLEY!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain
    I must admit I have never seen a WHITE Schnauzer
    That's what I was going to say too! I like the white schnauzer better than the other ones now that i've actually seen a picture of one. So cute

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    Hello Bentley,

    Well it's easy to see why you are a loved & even spoiled little man.
    You are adorable & I'll bet very smart also. Happy congrats on being chosen
    as our very special DOG OF THE DAY. Hugs & kisses Mr BB.
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    Ruff ruffs back at ya, Bentley! Oh, what a great photo, so professional looking and the subject, so handsome! Have to say, that ball is almost as big as you are! hehehe You're MY first white Schnauzer too! What a beauty and what a character! You not only bring your humans and fursibs much joy, much love but lots of laughs, too! You're well, the perfect pooch! Congratulations to you adorable Bentley, DOG OF THE DAY!!! Hope you and the 3 puppers and your proud people are having a very happy, fun filled Bentley Day bash! Hugs and kisses to you, sweet boy!

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    I Have A Bentley Too Mini Schnauzer Even!

    My mom's mini schnauzer is named Bentley for he is very proud of himself. He doesn't like to get wet in a bath or even outside in the rain! He has a mini schnauzer brother named Sam dob 7-4-4 so he is really Uncle Sam!! Yea for schnauzers!!

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    You get to paw through the laundry and are spoiled rotten by Mom. Whoever said, 'It's a dog's life', certainly had you in mind. Happy DOTD to you!!!
    Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused. Anonymous.

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