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At our appointment on Saturday we made the decision to have Teddy put to sleep. While at the vets office alone (about an hour) he had several seizures. They weren't bad but in the past week or so his seizures went from 1 or 2 a day to about 2 an hour. We knew a diffrent medicine wouldn't help, it never really helped. We felt it was best for him if we allowed him to go. It was so hard; I can't describe the pain it was holding his head while they put him to sleep. Several times I wanted to ask them to stop but I tried to be strong for him. I'm sorry it took so long to post, it has just broken my heart, I didn't know what to say. I still don't know what to say. How can I describe the 12 years of love, devotion and happiness he brought into my life?

Teddy's favorite place was the my grandparent's house. They called it "the farm" and he knew what it meant. If you asked him (when he could hear) "Teddy you want to go to the farm?" he would jump around and bark. Even when he was old, almost blind and deaf if you took him up there he would run around like a puppy. We paid to have him cremated by a company, his ashes should arrive the end of this week. Next week we are making a trip to Pennsylvania to my grandparentís farm where we will spread Teddy's ashes so he may forever play like a puppy.

I just miss him so much, what am I going to do without my sheltie boy?