Does anybody use this? I wonder what my cats would think about it?

Introducing our Lavender-Scented Herbal Cat Litter
in a money-saving 15 lb. bag!

Herbal Cat Litter smells great!

This lavender-scented litter is made from all-natural corncob particles that clump instantly and trap odors immediately. It absorbs more than four times its own weight but is half the weight of clumping clay litters, which makes it easier to carry and dispose of used litter. Add all these factors up and you have a litter that lasts up to three times longer! It's flushable, and will not harm toilets or septic systems with clogging or residue build-up. Earth-friendly and cat-friendly, this is the litter we use with our 30+ office cats! The new 15 lb. bag is the same price as 2 of the 7 lb. bags, so it's like getting a pound of litter free!