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Thread: Is my dog the only one who SCREAMS??

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    This thread is very old but yes, I have a screamer. Tango has the traditional, ear piercing, absoltuely awful to listen to Toller scream. Before I had her, I would've said that Jesse (my RB Dachsie) was a screamer too but she wasn't (she just had a horribly high pitched barky whine that sounded very close to a scream). Tango doesn't scream often though, fortunately.

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    Almost every schnauzer I groom or board has the "death scream" down to a science!

    I used to board a chihuahua named Pancho. He SCREAMED like you would not believe. I seriously used to put a sign on the desk when we boarded him that said, "My name is Pancho. I'm ok. I'm not hurt. I'm not dying. I just like to scream." His owners thought it was a riot and took a picture of it.
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    I have a Toller and she most definatly screams lol I remember my mom telling me how she was taking her dogs to the dpg park(while I was at work) and she had my dogs crated..well she eneded up taking Lectra with her because..well in my moms words "she sounded she she was being hung from the ceiling by her toenail" lol my mom took her just to make her stop!
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    Layla does some awful whining that you could probably call screaming when she wants something Lacey has. That's the only time she does it.
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