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Thread: Hey Im new here!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ginger's Mom
    Welcome to Pet Talk. All three of your furkids are Gorgeous! While I was reading your intro I was thinking wolfsoul should see this, , but I see you already know each other. Glad you found us, and hope to see much more of you and your babies. Oh, and Riot looks stunning in his ribbons.
    Ha ha same here!!

    Welcome and such lovely dogs you´ve got there, we hope you stay and you can show of more pics of your gorgeous trio!!
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    Welcome to PT! Riot is a stunning dog, I look forward to seeing more of his pics here

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    Quote Originally Posted by SummerRiot

    I love the Gronendaels as well.. but they are just "shadows' of the Tervuren! LMAO! j/k!!
    LOL -- Oh yeah, well...Tervs are just....dirty groens!! Ha! LOL.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    WELCOME TO PT! Im Alyssa and my dog is a maltese named Sassy. I also have a bird whom is in my signature. Roit is STUNNING!

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    Aww I've alwasy wanted a bird - so has Riot. he met a friend of mines cockatiel(he flew up and landed on Riots head and pecked him to get out of his house lol). Since them hes been completely obsessed to be able to play with them!

    LOL -- Oh yeah, well...Tervs are just....dirty groens!! Ha! LOL

    At least I can see mine in the dark! lol j/k!!!

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    Welcome Beautiful Dogs!!!!
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    Wow... you have a beautiful dog. We just heard about the breed on another post. Beautiful photos of your dogs! Welcome to PT!!

    Oh... I'm Dan (Bob's Dad) and I have a Beagle (Ginger) and a ??? (Bob)!!!


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