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Thread: I must give up my cats.

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    First off, I am so sorry to hear that you are having health and financial issues. You will be in my prayers that things will turn around for you.

    Secondly, I can only imagine how terribly hard this must be for you to part with your cats. My heart goes out to you. I'm glad to hear that you were able to find a good family for Beau and will be able to see him from time to time.

    In regards to Felicia, I pray that you will be able to keep her with you as I just cannot see her doing well anywhere else considering her age and temperament.


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    sad. I don't know what to say but to give you hugs, and know you'll do what's best for your both furprecious.

    thinking of you, all! ((((hugs))))

    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felicia's Mom

    Thanks to all of you. You gave me ideas I hadn't thought of.
    Oh, I do hope so - we'll all chip in and make her a "Therapy Cat" vest if she'll wear it!

    (Miss Hoppy would not even wear a harness, never mind a vest of any sort.)

    Different people and different ideas - that's what's good about the Pet Talk community! And we all want the best for you and Beau and Felicia.

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    Jen i don't think Donna meant to sound unkind, she was just saying that she should look at other options or otherwise that is probably how she would be feeling, like you i don't speak for Donna either, but knowing her as I do I am sure she mean't it that way.

    The best thing is Nancy has now looked at other options and is glad of the well meaning suggestions offered by some,and that means maybe Felicia will be around for a lot longer, now that is what i call a happy ending.

    Nancy what an awful dilemma for you to be in, you are the only one who can make this decision, but we are all here to support you either way. HUGS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenluckenbach
    I would certainly not think making her a barn cat at 16 or 17 would be a reasonable option.

    I didn't realize Felicia was that old and even before knowing that I was against the idea of that. In my case - Kloe age almost 2 would probably do ok as a barn cat, but the Princess Kylie at age 6, overweight and declawed would think she had been banished straight to H-E-7-7!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jenluckenbach
    Neither of you are showing any compassion towards a PILLAR of our PT group........and THAT breaks my heart. Sometimes people really are placed between a proverbial "rock and a hard place". Not every person has the luxury of of time and money to do the "right" thing. And who would know better what the "right" thing is than Nancy herself??? Circumstances are not always ideal. And even though you both (and others who feel this way) are most certainly allowed to have and voice your opinions, I just don't feel it is very fair of you to judge and criticize a person who is in no doubt facing one of the hardest times of a person's life.

    (Sorry, Nancy, I do not mean to speak for you)
    Once again Jen I totally agree with you - this is shooting a person while they are down. I am very disappointed to say the least.
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  7. thoughts are with you at this very difficult time. I know whatever you will be the best thing for all concerned.

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    I really hope things work out well for you and the cats. I would be faced with a similar decision if my health failed as my Finnigan is a one person cat, almost thirteen years old and has never been anywhere without me. I had to go into the vet's every day to feed him a few years ago when he had to stay there for a week as he refused to eat or drink without me being there.

    We both have fingers and claws crossed for you.

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    I hope so much you can take Felicia with you. My mom is at a place where she is allowed to have her dog and she is soooo much happier there with Amber. They had a very very old kitty there who had to be PTS some weeks ago- she was 22 and really frail and in the last stages of kidney failure.
    This kitty was so happy because. Most of the time she was sitting in the entrance hall just sleeping and watching.

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    What a wonderful group to offer ideas and support for Nancy and Felicia. I kept thinking about the situation you are in and I know I would be devastated, too, if there was any inkling that I might have to give my boys up.

    Let's hope something can be worked out. I'll keep good thoughts and certainly a prayer or two can't hurt.
    Loving meowmie to Archy & Binky (RIP my sweet boy 10/13/10)



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    Considering Felicia's age, I really hope you'll be able to take her with you, not only for her sake, but for your peace of mind. Say what ever it takes!


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    Nancy, I will be praying for you, and hoping that you find a way to take Felicia with you.

    I cannot even begin to imagine how you must be feeling at the moment, but I hope that you will continue to come to PT for words of encouragement and love.

    I am sure I speak for many of us here when I say that if there is ANYTHING I can do to help, you only have to ask!


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    I am SO very sorry for what I said in my post that I have since deleted. I didn't realize Felicia's age and you're right, after 17 years of being an indoor cat, it would probably cause problems with her health. Everyone's situation is different, and I know how devastating it can be to have to make that type of very difficult decision.

    I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Again, please forgive me.



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    My thoughts are with you too, Nancy. I am sure you will find the best solution for you and Felicia

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    I'm sorry you are not well Nancy. *hugs* I can't imagine being in your same situation. I hope something comes up and you're either able to keep Felicia or place her in a home.
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