Ok well i know some of you feed your kitties this product and it is now available in NZ by mail order, i sent away for a free sample, and both my kitties gave it the seal of approval.

I am seriously considering putting my older cat on this, as he has a vomiting problem and although the vets don't seem overly concerned because he has not lost weight,(infact he could do with loosing a bit) it is not pleasant for him or us, and i am wondering if he is allergic to the products he is been given, although he has days he vomits no matter what he gets given, red meat whatever,he is going in for check up soon and blood and teeth clean so hopefully we can get to the root of the problem.

I have a detailed brochure and booklet all about it, it sounds really great, but i am concerned about the herbs in the product, yes all natural sounds all good and well, but it is like with humans, some people are taking vitamins and herbs and becoming ill, just would love some input from others who know about this product or have their cats on it and what you think, my other concern was the biscuits are very small, which means Ash will tend to scoff them down rather than bite them,(but hopefully when his teeth are all good that might change)so I am wondering just how good they are for their teeth in general.

I can have the food delivered to my door and get a 2.27(5 pound bag) for $27.95 i would spend a little less than that a month, hoping they will last a month ,but then i would rather spend a bit more and have a healthier happy cat,it could be wheat ,and grain that Ash is allergic to and is often in other foods. I also get every 11th bag free so that makes up for the extra cost.

All feedback much appreciated. thanks.