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    Border Collie?

    Well my dog just recently passed away..(libby) But we are currently looking for another dog that is just right for us...well we have looke dthrough as many dogs as possible and have come down to a few favorites one of them being a border seems like a really good dog and everything but we are not sure if we can meet all of its needs like exercise and things like that....see when we are home we will be able to play with it alot but i go to school for 7 hours a day and my mom goes to work so it would be by itself for at least 7 hours a day.... is that bad? We were'nt sure if that would be ok or not....does anyone have any advice or any other dogs that might be good for my family (we dont want anything that would be bigger than a border collie)?

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    I think that if you are willing to adopt a senior border collie, it could work out, but even then you still run the risk of it being too active. Border collies are working dogs -- they are not suitable as only family dogs, and you run the risk of having a dog that becomes frustrated and acts out in problematic ways.

    7 hours a day without someone is too long for any puppy --- so I assume you are going with an older dog? What kind of things do you like in a dog?
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    [QUOTE= Border collies are working dogs -- they are not suitable as only family dogs, and you run the risk of having a dog that becomes frustrated and acts out in problematic ways.[/QUOTE]

    Hmmm.....neither of my 3 Border Collies are working dogs. They are family dogs. I guess I'd better not let them read this or they'll turn on me.

    Honestly though, yes, they need mental and physical stimulation which is why I constantly try to keep them exercised and busy. A little NILIF doesn't hurt either. Having just one could pose a problem as yes the dog would get bored and destructive if he doesn't have anything to do.

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    If you are doubting that BCs are right for your lifestyle, then they probably aren't. 7 hours alone isn't ideal for border collies, off course it isn't entirely impossible but a serious commitment. I would reconmend a mix breed from your shelter that has a mellow temperment.


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    I would go for a mellower temperment, if you are not sure you can handle the stimuation a BC needs then I dont reccomend it. wolfsoul is right BCs are working dogs, but how mellow or insane the dogs are depends on the lines , there are 3.

    Barbie Collies-show bred, they can still be crazy, but have a tendency to be mellower depending on how far back the show breeding goes, the farther away the workings lines the less like a BC they tend to behave. there are exeptions but this is the tendancy lol

    Sport Collies-bred for dogs sports, these dogs tend to be EXTREMLY high drive, and if you dont intend to do dogsports, dont go for sport lines lol theses dogs are bred specifly to be extremly fast, and extremly focased, and some tend to loose their brains if the working lines are bred away from too much, for axample, I have a sport collie whoes dad was rather removed for the real working BCs, he mide as well be brain dead. thankfully her mom is directly off a hog farm, and has plenty of brains lol

    Border Collies-the real working bred dogs, some are crazy, which is where the sport lines came from, but a well bred working BC should have the ability to go all day and relax when asked, they require both physical and mental stimulation, and lots of it, dont provide it and they will make their own lol
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    If you want a BOrder Collie, go to a rescue or shelter and get a mix like I did.

    My dog is Part Border Collie part Terrier mix(JRT and something else)

    She is crazy outside, loves to run and chase things, catch balls, loves to herd other dogs, and LOVES flyball.

    but when we are in the house she can be calm and relaxed. But then there are also times when she is still crazy inside the house.

    When Border Collies get bored they find ways to entertain themselves.

    Like my sweet innocent Sasha here.

    When she was a puppy she got bored and ATE the wall in my hall by my bedroom. She wanted in my room and no wall was going to get in her way.

    And when we used to crate her. She would decide she didnt want the pan that is in the bottom of the crate(teh kind from wal mart that are just wires, not plastic) outside.

    So I would come home and look, and the crate door would be closed and the pan would be across the room, and she would be there looking at me like " Hey mom!! look what I can do!!!"

    And Then there is her OCD. she is OBSSESSED with balls... and my Guinea pigs. Shes good with them, but if their out shes watching their everymove.

    If your intested in a herding breed that looks similar to a border collie, but not as intense, I think you should look into an Aussie. But Aussies can be stubborn, and are known not to be great with cats, but they still have the urge to work, but not as much drive, and you can get a black and white aussie, if its the looks of a BC you like.
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    Right. If you're not 100% sure you are able to handle a border collie or not, then you should probably reconsider. I haven't owned Cali for that long, but she's nearing 3 months now (!) and already is a little whirlwind of energy!! I think the only reason she sleeps is because she chases me around the house for like... oh, 20 minutes NONSTOP.

    They're incredibly smart dogs. Border collies are wonderful dogs and they're very loyal to their families, but you just need to make sure, and I mean completely sure, that you will be able to provide him/her with work, or plenty of things to do.

    Thanks so much, buttercup132!

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