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Thread: I Need Your Help!!!

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    I Need Your Help!!!

    In the last three days, Zoe has peed on my bed twice. She actually sits on my bed and urinates on my blanket

    Any idea WHY she is doing this???? And any idea on how I can get her to stop?????


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    Has there been any other animals/any kinds of different scents on it? Have you tried washing them? Have you tried putting on different sheets and blankets?

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    No... no other cats/dogs anything. Just us.

    And I've sprayed the mattress down with pet deodorizer and I flipped the mattress. I also washed my sheets, pillowcases, and blanket in hot sudsy water.

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    Maybe she's just marking her territory...

    I'm stumped.

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    My daughter, Isabel sleeps with me. And Zoe sleeps in the LR. She's 2 1/2 years old. Could Zoe be jealous?

    I just don't know what to do anymore. And I can't keep the door shut. Isabel's toys are in there.

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    You may want to take her to the vet. Does she have a urinary tract infection?

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    She doesn't pee more then usual. And doesn't seem to be experiencing any signs of it.

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    Ya know why she is doing it she is saying this is "Mine" had the same problems with my guys when i first got my border collie Maggy,she used to do it in the truck,my husband was a truckdriver until his injury....thank god for bunk beds cause there aint nothing you can do while driving down the road...I think it is a territorial thing!

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    But the thing is... she NEVER has slept with me ever.

    I just don't get it.

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    If she has never done this before, take her to the vet. You first need to rule out a medical reason for the problem. Also, while you are out, pick up some "Nature's Miracle" or a similar product at the pet store - it is designed to eliminate the enzyme we cannot smell, but dogs (or cats) smell as being a sign for "this is a good place to pee." If you catch her in the act, clap your hands loudly or quickly say No and take her outside. After you've ruled out a UTI, if there's no medical reason for this, she may just be testing her boundaries, and you'll have to be very vigilant and retrain her.

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    neither my dogs,has she ever been scolded to get off the bed? or tries to sleep with you and you have told her to get down???

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    I've scolded her hundreds of times for even being in my room.

    And she has never tried to sleep with us, because my door is kept shut.

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    That could be why she is saying " I Run This House" lol is your name Lori also?

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    Yes... lol

    I don't know about Zoe. She's been doing REAL well with the training, and then this...

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    I would take her to the vet... Better safe then sorry.
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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