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Thread: Mastidanes???

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    Mixed Breeds

    You've got to remember that all pure breed dogs at one time were a mixture of different breeds to perfect the standard. Take the American breed, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever - It's a Newfoundsland and Lab mix in its ancestory... Thru careful breeding we now have the standard Chessie today.

    Some mixes are accidents - like my Shadow - Lab/Boxer - thrown away with his sister by time he was 5 wks old. Others are planned to perfect a new breed for the future. Just do some research and read about the different breeds and their backgrounds... They were "mutts" at one time too... How do you think some of these breeds came to be? They were created by man trying to figure out what they wanted for a dog.

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    The mastidanes look like a cute mix, not that I'm agreeing with designer breeding but the dog itself looks very sweet. mastidane mom, your pups are gorgeous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitc9 View Post
    BARF! More designer breeds!!
    It's bad enough these "designer breeders" have messed up all of the little dogs, why can't they leave the big breeds alone!!!!
    and how do you think your Germans came about. do you think that they just miraculously came in as the master race with a pure blood line. all dogs are mixed breed just cos yours comes with kc papers doesn't make it any better in fact doesn't your dogs have serious health issues due to poor genetics arthritis problems with ears and so on.

    At 450 a pup there must be something about the breed ask most mastidane owners and they will say they are excellent dogs, loyal, obedient and proud family members. I like the breed so much i will keep a dog from every litter my bitch has and so on, so i always have a mastidane by my side.

    My dog turns heads people always remark on how beautiful she is, and are generally interested to see what breed she is can you say the same for your dog??

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    Lol this thread is old.
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