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Thread: Baby-to-be photos

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    Baby-to-be photos

    I made Ash take belly pics tonight so she'd have them for posterity. I got lots of eye-rolling and she knew I wouldn't stop asking for photos until she posed! No, no skin belly pics (yet) I am just lucky I got what I got!

    on a side note: some people have started ot ask how far along she is and when she's due. They almost fall over with disbelief when she says she's 27 weeks along. She really did start showing in the past week. If we had any doubt about her being pregant last week, we know it for sure this week!

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    Oh how I LOVE those belly pictures Good for you getting Ashley to pose - she will be so glad later on!!

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    Great pictures! I hope she continues to let you take pictures, so we can watch the progress!!
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    Wow! She really has popped out!

    Her belly looks so perfectly round.

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    She looks great! When you told us how far along she was, I was shocked!!!

    BTW, I started knitting the afghan. I chose a multi-colored pastel yarn and threw in a little "blue" in fancy yarn. Don't get too excited, it's only a plain "knit" stitch. But at least she'll have something to put in the crib. I'm praying it's a girl, though. I realized today, after dealing with so many kids at the store, that girls are soooo much easier to handle. Boys are very rambunctious and high strung. No offense to anyone here with little boys.

    I'll let you know when I finish it so I can ship it out.

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    Ooo.... I'm so excited! I just finished making the front of the shower invitations. Of COURSE there's a cat! LOL... talking about cats (and it being a girl) I picked out a million things that are cats on baby clothes and bibs... and every single item was pink. So on that note I'm hoping its a girl. On another note I'm hoping its a boy because of the colors we painted the nursery -- robin's egg blue and teal. VERY pretty but since its blue it seems more boyish.

    Donna, the blanket sounds lovely no matter the stitch and I'm sure it'll look wonderful in the nursery - all the accessories are yellow, green, and white. Pretty much, if its pastel, its in this nursery! LOL Yes, photos of the nursery will come once we're 100% done.

    Debbie, speaking of googling things, I googled "Hey Diddle Diddle", and came up with this coloring book page, so I just colored it in. I love it

    I'm printing them out now, and the colors look much richer on the paper I'm using (HP Presentation paper -- its got a nice saturation or whatever they call it -- all I know is I tested it on plain paper and it looked "ok" but it pops on the HP paper)

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    Ash looks great! She looks healthy and...even HAPPY!

    Please tell her she's gorgeous and we're here for her. Not that she needs us, you're doing an excellent job, Kim!! ((((hugs))))

    Thanks for sharing her with us. She looks amazing!

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    I'm glad that she's allowing you to take her picture. She looks great and sure is starting to show now. The baby shower invitations look so cute too.
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    C*U*T*E !!!

    Think about how surprised Ashley would have been THIS week if you did not make her go to the doctor LAST week. (LOL)

    Can't wait to see you guys.

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    What a cute little belly she has! The invites sound adorable!!

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    OH she looks sooooo cute!! I wanna poke her bellly!!

    I am sure she is more aware now of the babies movements (i'm so curious because we are the same far along). What does she think about them? Have you felt it kick?? My little baby moves around ALL THE TIME.. it is such a neat feeling!!! The other night I think the baby had the hiccups..

    oh.. i'm glad she is smiling!! She looks good!

    Alden is here!!
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    Kim, she is beautiful and I am so glad to see those smiles. I know that it took working through a lot of tears to get there. You and your hubby have done a terrific job of helping her adjust to the biggest change in her life that she will ever experience. Kudos to you all! I can't wait until he/she is born. What a precious time for you all.

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    Oh, she looks adorable! She sure has popped! I agree with others, if you didn't know for sure last week, you would be CERTAIN this week! I am hoping and praying for a safe and fast delivery and that the baby will be healthy. I can hardly wait to hear whether she is having a boy or girl! How exciting for all of you. I hope that she realizes how lucky she is to have such supportive parents!

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    Isn't it weird that she popped as soon as you found out she was pregnant? She looks great! The old wives tales tell me that based on the shape of her belly, it's a boy. Just my intuition. Of course my intuition was wrong with my own baby. I would have sworn to the man above that he was a girl.

    I have a bunch of baby shower plates and napkins left over from my 4 baby showers. Would you like them?


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    I'm so excited for you. I don't think there would have been much confusion about her being pregnant even without confirmation now!
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