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    Betty, what a wonderful story you have. You are a true beauty on the inside and on the outside. Your family is so proud of you. Congradulations on being the sweetest, most hard workingest, beautiful Dog of the Day.

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    Betty, you look like you are the sweetest, gentlest thing. I guess that's why you do so well at your mom's work. I know several "humans" named Betty, who are some of my favorite people in the world. Now I know a dog too!
    Congratulations on being selected as Dog of the Day!

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    Betty, you have that special winsome look in those beautiful brown eyes that says, "I am here to love, to comfort, to heal." What incredible gentility and patience you must have to do such special work. I know your mom is very proud to have you ever at her side as very loving, devoted companion. And today we are very proud to name you our very deserving Dog of the Day! Congratulations Betty. I send you big hugs and kisses. You are truly special!

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    Betty, the working girl! What a joy you must be to your guardian as well as the clients with whom you work. I have to agree with Tats, you have the most beautiful eyes, deep liquid pools of love. I am glad to hear that your days are not all work and that you get to chase squirrels and socialize with your friends. We are indeed honored by your representing dogdom today as Dog of the Day. I hope your guardian will share the special news of your reign with all your clients, friends, and admirers. They will all want to wish you the very heartiest of congratulations and celebrate your well deserved honor.

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    Betty, I think you are one of the most wonderful dogs I've ever met, too. And you're also very pretty. You remind us how talented & loyal & loving companion & therapy dogs are. I think you should be awarded a medal for distinguished service to humanity. And you should also get some special treats to celebrate becoming Dog of the Day. Well done, girl!

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